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what is zendrop

Zendrop is #1 Dropshipping One-stop platform for matching suppliers and dropshippers, with Fast Shipping, Automated Dropshipping, US Fulfillment, Brand Development, Real-Time Analytics, Custom Branding, Subscription Boxes and other functions. There is a free plan to enable you to start dropship e-commerce business at the lowest cost.

zendrop dropshipping

Zendrop is committed to providing the most efficient and advanced features in the dropshipping to improve your dropship business,Zendrop dropshipping Features:

  • Fast Shipping:As we all know, Dropshipping which arrived in China more than a month ago is dead. Zendrop uses expedited shipping and American shipping;
  • Custom Branding:Include a custom designed brand thank-you card in all orders sent to customers. There are no more different logos of various suppliers;
  • Automated Fulfillment:Open "auto fulfillment" without manually completing a single order, which saves time for processing orders and avoids order errors;
  • United States Fulfillment :Bulk order your product inventory to our U.S. warehouse to significantly shorten the transportation time to 2-5 days. There are no false U.S. warehouse suppliers;
  • Private Labeling:Customize your award-winning product by putting a private label on the actual product! Obtain brand premium;
  • Bundles and Subscription Boxes :Sell multiple products at once by selling product bundles in your online store. Generate recurring revenue by selling memberships and creating subscription boxes that will be sent to your customers as often as you want. Prevent customer complaints caused by purchasing products from different suppliers and delivering them twice;
  • Find Dropshipping Products:Import your online store from more than 1 million products, batch pricing, and you can choose products shipped from the United States;
  • Real-Time Analytics:The dashboard keeps track of your business health;
  • High-volume sellers:Customized brands, price concessions and faster logistics transportation procurement services for big sellers;
  • Automatic logistics tracking:Once you place an order on zendrop, as long as you complete the order, the tracking code will be uploaded to the product immediately after processing. This tracking number will also be provided to Shopify through our API;
  • Purchasing agent:Can help you purchase your own products and put them in zendrop warehouse to improve transportation speed and customer responsiveness.

zendrop products

After logging in the dashboard, you can https://app.zendrop.com/product Find the zendrop products list to be imported. You can select the shipping address, such as the United States, or the supplier you identify, to import products that can be delivered quickly and with guaranteed quality.

zendrop shipping times

Many people care about zendrop's shipping times, which depends on the shipping source of the imported products. If you choose the supplier selected by zendrop, choose zendrop express shipping use zendrop US warehouses to ship orders to your customers in 2-5 days.

zendrop pricing

Zendrop provides a free plan. You can use zendrop for free as long as your monthly orders are less than 50. Zendrop allows you to start Dropshipping business almost without cost. You can also upgrade to the pro plan of $49 / month to obtain complete functions;

zendrop login

Zendrop's login address is https://account.zendrop.com/login , login records can be saved, and login free.

zendrop app:

Zendrop can be used as a #1 Dropshipping app through Google chrome Extensions link aliexpress to import products and integrate Shopify and woocommerce stores.

zendrop shopify

The installation address of zendrop Shopify app is https://apps.shopify.com/zendrop Your Shopify store can link to zendrop for free, so as to fully automate your business.

zendrop woocommerce

Zendrop can be fully integrated with the WordPress WooCommerce store, install Zendrop WooCommerce Plugin by downloading https://app.zendrop.com/zendrop-woocommerce-plugin.zip and enter the store URL and Store Key.

commercehq dropshipping

Create a "private app" through CommerceHQ and link the CommerceHQ store URL, API key and API password data to integrate Zendrop, and enable Webhooks to synchronize orders.

zendrop google chrome Extensions

You can install Zendrop through https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/zendrop-aliexpress-produc/hoaepbdbkbncfnmplpeecofbnophahah-AliExpress Product Importer to import any product you want from AliExpress to the zendrop platform.

zendrop alternative:

There are many Dropshipping platforms like zendrop. You can choose the most suitable platform by comparing the price, transportation time, supplier quality and whether you can customize the brand label.

zendrop vs oberlo

zendrop vs oberlo Pros & Cons:

  • Compared with oberlo, zendrop has the advantage of having American warehouses and fast delivery, while oberlo only has aliexpress suppliers;
  • Compared with oberlo, zendrop also has the advantage of integrating Shopify, woocomer and commercehq stores, while oberlo only supports Shopify;
  • The disadvantage of zendrop compared with oberlo is that zendrop's free plan has only 50 orders per month, while oberlo has a free quota of 500 orders per month, and the price is dominant.

zendrop vs cj dropshipping

zendrop vs cj dropshipping Pros & Cons:

  • The advantage of zendrop over CJ Dropshipping is that zendrop is an American company with faster delivery speed, while CJ Dropshipping is a Chinese company. Although there are many foreign warehouses, the delivery time is still relatively slow, and most of the suppliers are Chinese merchants;
  • The disadvantage of zendrop compared with CJ Dropshipping is that the price is expensive. CJ Dropshipping can be used for free, and there are warehouses all over the world, supporting more platforms and stores than zendrop.

zendrop vs aliexpress

zendrop vs aliexpress Pros & Cons:

  • Zendrop has obvious advantages over aliexpress, with faster delivery speed and better supplier quality. You can customize the brand label and obtain higher repeat customers;
  • The disadvantage of zendrop vs aliexpress is that the number of products is relatively small. Aliexpress is cheap and can make higher profits. If customers don't care about the transportation time of more than one month.

zendrop vs spocket

zendrop vs spocket Pros & Cons:

  • Zendrop vs spocket has the advantages of free plan and support for commercehq stores, and its profit margin is higher than that of spocket platform;
  • The disadvantage of zendrop vs spocket is that spocket has more local suppliers in Europe and the United States.

zendrop reviews

Zendrop is founded by the boss who is engaged in Dropshipping. He knows the pain points of Dropshipping very well, so that you can have faster delivery speed, higher product quality, customize brand labels, obtain higher premium and product differentiation, and provide free plans to start your business at the lowest cost.