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If your shopify store website has not undergone technical transformation, there must be inherent problems of shopify not suitable for SEO, such as:

1. Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is probably one of the largest SEO issues that’s found on the Shopify platform.The main reason is that the URL structure causes duplicate content:

    • Duplicate product pages

two URLs pointing to the same product,as follows: /collections/shirts-collection/products/blue-shirt and /products/blue-shirt

    • Duplicate collections pages

A URL with “?page=1” will almost always contain the same content as the original non-parameterized URL.

  • Duplicate content caused by Product variant pages
  • Duplicate content caused by multiple languages

2. Overcome shopify site architecture limitations

Shopify’s CMS is rigid structure of the Shopify rails implementation.less flexible than WordPress,such as:

Shopify’s fixed URL Structure

Shopify automatically generates the URL for your product detail pages using the following structure: Store owners can only modify that last part of the URL, where the product’s name (which is derived from the page title) appears.Removing the “/products” or “/pages” URL paths gives you more space to include those descriptive keywords.

Shopify robots.txt can not be edited

Unable to modify the Shopify robots.txt file to control the content of search engines

Inability to customise the Shopify sitemap

It is also impossible to control the content of search engines by modifying the Shopify sitemap file.

3.Structured data

Most shopify themes have structured data problems and need to add rich text code to fix,including:

  • Product structured data;
  • Article structured data;
  • BreadcrumbList structured data;
  • Semantic Markup for Collection Pages;
  • Facebook Open Graph meta tags for Shopify;
  • Shopify Twitter Cards

4.Lazy Loading

use the lazysizes library, to implement lazy loading on Shopify sites.

5.shopify on page Meta description tag missing or empty

This problem is not only shopify code defect but also related to the shopify theme. Take my own website as an example. Shopify collections/all, /cart, shopify Products – Tagged collections/all pages in all languages cannot be set with Meta description tag, as shown in the figureshopify Meta description tag missing or empty

product manual

This product is a document containing the repair Shopify Technical SEO code. The repair location and sample code are given. After purchase, you can copy the relevant code to the relevant location to repair the Shopify Technical SEO problem. Some themes have slightly different codes, and I provide them for free guide

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