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    Grid Shopify Theme

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    grid shopify theme is a masonry style shopify theme developed by pixel Union, which is especially suitable for storytelling brand stores.

    grid theme shopify features:

    Shop grid theme is particularly suitable for concise and clear brand shops, with the following characteristics: 

    • Collage style layout: layout of multiple products, posts or promotions in brick and stone style;
    • Post it: when scrolling down, fix the menu at the top of the page;
    • Masonry and standard layout: display multiple products, posts or promotions with masonry structure and standard layout;
    • Multiple product page layouts: choose from multiple product page layouts to create the best shopping experience for your customers;
    • The grid is specially built for online stores with a large number of products and collections;
    • Unique masonry grid: Grid's unique brick style layout enables you to display products, videos, etc. gracefully;
    • Multi column menu: display product pictures in large and multi column drop-down menu;
    • Pick up and drop off service: attract local shoppers by showing where they can pick up goods on the product page.

    grid shopify theme demo

    grid shopify theme includes four styles: bright, light, warm and moody,This is the Demo address of warm grid shopify theme style

    grid shopify theme free download

    Join the lelinta community and download grid shopify theme for free.

    grid shopify theme reviews

    Grid shopify theme has 112 reviews in the official theme market of shopify, of which 91% are positive reviews

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