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trump vs biden

The previous US elections attracted the attention of the world. The news kept going and the climax was repeated. Although Trump lost the election, half of the people in the United States supported him. Fans worked hard and worked hard and reached a climax on January 6th and captured the US Congress. Some people say that most of the voters who voted for the Republican Party in the U.S. election are for Trump personally; and for Biden, at least half of those who vote for Trump are people who hate Trump. It can be seen how popular Trump is. Where there is traffic, there are business opportunities. I don't know how much money the Yiwu factory made in this US election, but we have a handful of American people's wool.Sell Trump gold coins to make money

This is the total sales from December 26 to yesterday. This product that sold for nearly 40,000 US dollars is the Gold Plated Trump 2020 Coin (Trump gold-plated and silver-plated coins)Gold Plated Trump 2020 Coin

You know, before it was shut down on January 8, Trump's Twitter followers reached 88.86 million. No matter what psychological needs, support? commemorate? Seeking comfort? In short, the demand for Trump souvenirs is very large. The product is very popular. Let’s take a look, the Google trends value of "Trump 2020 Coin" has been very high. After the Congressional riots on January 6, although it fell briefly, it has recently increased: (You can go to by yourself. Check this website)

Trump gold coin profit

When we find the products we want to sell, we go to AliExpress to find related sources. General crafts are sold on AliExpress. We still use single product station Dropshipping (one-piece delivery without supply), only need to add the price of the product to our own site, if someone places an order, it will automatically be shipped by the AliExpress seller.

The price of gold coins on AliExpress is very cheap, and the logistics of these products are very easy. Let’s compare the prices of the same commemorative coins on Wal-Mart:

You see, the price difference between before and after is very large. If the purchase price is 3 dollars, it can be sold nearly ten times. After removing the advertising fee in this way, the potential profit is also very considerable! When we started to launch, many companies have already launched a large number of Google and Facebook. It is said that there are 158 companies with an investment of more than 1.5 million US dollars. The biggest launch is a website called, which is actually an online precious metal retailer. The selling price of gold coins on them is generally above 100%. This proves that the value of such products is often misvalued.

We also promote through Facebook advertising, because facing such a precise audience range, it is very easy to put on it. Directly set interests to those men aged 45-65 who like to support Donald Trump, the Republican Party, or political conservatives. Crowd, this last one is very important, because older people like to collect gold coin souvenirs, and they often miscalculate the value of the "gold and silver coins" on the advertisement and start buying for investment.

We have also seen a lot of peer advertisements on Facebook, but they adopt the model of giving free gold coins and only charging postage. People with experience can know this routine. You can see that the purchase price is actually only 2 US dollars, but they often charge postage. Above ten dollars, this free product + postage routine will transform very well. Our delivery often needs to avoid these businesses.

The detailed advertising settings will not be repeated here. The detailed operation can be added to our free community website. In fact, the advertising of Facebook and Google is very easy. The most difficult thing is how to open an account. This month, many friends’ advertisers have also been blocked. So, after Trump fans entered Congress on January 6, we didn't dare to vote on Trump keywords anymore, and sales were also affected.

In addition to Facebook ads, we also use the Social Rabbit plugin for automatic social media marketing. This plug-in can automatically follow fans on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, attract each other to interact with each other, and watch the ads on our account. Some Internet celebrities push each other to attract traffic. These traffic and transactions are long-term flows and win for free, and they don’t need to spend a lot of effort to manage them.Social Rabbit

Social networking sites are like this. Following users must have a certain degree of mutual relations. The same is true for Instagram. As long as they visit your homepage and are attracted by your profile, and visit your homepage link and purchase products, you can make money. 

At last: 

In fact, on Twitter, it is not Trump who has the most fans, but Obama, with more than 100 million fans. Commemorative coin products with a clear audience can be applied to many celebrities, and they are a long-term niche. Even without advertising, they can achieve good results through SEO or social platforms.

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