TikTok helps business marketing in 4 easy steps

Hello everyone, my name is lelinta, and today I will share with you how companies use TikTok for marketing and get orders.

I talked to you about TikTok and e-commerce before, basically talking about 2C business, how to direct TikTok traffic to independent stations for conversion.

At present, due to the younger TikTok users, the global dispersion of traffic, and the differences in content culture, the overall conversion rate is not very high, and the conversion rate on the site is concentrated between 0.3% and 1%.

Of course, although the conversion rate is low, it cannot withstand the large volume, and it cannot withstand the fact that the traffic is almost free. The investment is small and the team is not demanding, and the operation is also very good.

In the cross-border e-commerce industry, in addition to 2C businesses, there are actually many 2B wholesale businesses.

Last weekend, after training the team of Baidu International, I chatted with you about this.

It just so happened that last week, a student recommended to me a project operated on behalf of me, a very good one in the niche field.

In the course of the TikTok training camp, I also particularly emphasized the opportunity of TikTok 2B in 2021, so I let the team start the practical test.

I will share my thoughts with you today, and I will share the actual test data with you next time.

How do companies use TikTok for marketing? It can be done in 4 steps:

Step 1: Set up the environment

According to the mainstream sales area of ​​the product, purchase or self-build nodes. If it is a particularly niche area, it is difficult to buy nodes and needs to be self-built;

You can register any account first and publish the work test. After confirming that there is no problem with the environment, start operations;

Step 2: Register an account

According to the market situation, registering a TikTok account in this area, TikTok registration is relatively simple, just use one email address.
After the account is registered, you need to design the account's avatar, name, and homepage introduction.
The three elements must be unified, and can be clearly conveyed to users, the domain and characteristics of our account.
The introduction of the homepage is very important, we need to inform users of our value and advantages.

step 3: matrix operation

If you do, you definitely can't just create one or two accounts. It is recommended to create at least 5 accounts. At present, one person has the energy to be responsible for 5 accounts.
In the process of operation, there are 3 important points:
1 is the content, this is the core.
The content can be laid out in three directions, with product display, factory display, and usage scenarios derived.
For example, if you are making audio equipment, let us give you an example. How to lay out your content direction?
Product display: unpacking video, product detail video, etc.;
Factory display: The production process of the factory, this is a very powerful point, must bring a voice;
Scenario derivation: What does the customer use process look like? This is the most basic. What does derivation mean?
In fact, it is very common for customers to use speakers. How can we give it the power of communication?
For example, we use a car to press it, and make a close-up shot, this netizen likes it very much. Even smash it, and then plug it in, it can still be used, and it can still be used when it is taken out in water.

Wait, it is to constantly magnify some of your own "conflict points".

After finishing the content, we continue to talk about the second core, the second is exposure.

How to do the exposure and how to record it?

Use TikTok's tag function. We put a brand label on each video, "It's not broken ** audio". Interactive hashtags can bring their own traffic.

In addition to your own account, at this time, you can also find other big-names to jointly promote and bring the topic up.

Our community now has more than 700 accounts with 100,000 fans, 22 accounts with millions of fans, and 2 accounts with millions of fans. If these accounts are mobilized, a topic can be easily promoted.

The third core is interaction.

The purpose of interaction is to attract traffic and screen out the intended customers.

Through the video content, title, and comment area interaction, we guide interested users to click to view our account homepage, and learn about our products and advantages through homepage introduction and more videos.

Continue to make content, continue to interact and attract traffic. At the same time, make the account more warm, increase user trust in the brand and platform stickiness.

step 4: guide the conversion of the inquiry form

The advantage of TikTok mentioned earlier is that it has huge and super cheap traffic.

In fact, there is another core, and it is also the basis for this model to have the opportunity to make: TikTok is a content platform based on interest recommendation system.

In other words, the works we publish will be recommended to people who are interested in the tags of the works.

Let's imagine that if a netizen sells speakers locally, if he brushes TikTok and usually brushes the works of speakers, will he stay longer? Even interaction and comments are possible, right?

OK, over time, he was labeled by the system.

When we release speaker works, or speaker derivative works, we will give priority to this group of interested people.

Therefore, we operate TikTok accounts in a matrix manner, publish works in batches, and then guide them to add me to WhatsApp through comments, titles, and homepage introductions, to send me emails, and to inquire.

The way to guide the inquiry is very simple, keep telling him: if my homepage has contact information, it is OK.

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