Omnisend is the shopify email marketing app with the highest ROI I have ever used

omnisend shopify workflows

I registered my first shopify store in December 2018. So far, I have developed 15 shopify stores by myself and others. I have used several shopify email marketing apps Such as klaviyo, privy, mailchimp, etc., but the highest ROI so far is omnisend.

omnisend workflows

Why I choose Omnisend as my shopify email app?

The shopify email marketing app I used for the first time was not omnisend. I remember that the first one I used was klaviyo which I read in other people’s articles and said how good it is. I installed klaviyo immediately, but I fell into klaviyo instantly. It’s in a sea of functions. Its functions are so powerful that I haven’t figured it out after a few weeks of studying. The most important thing is that I haven’t placed an order in a few weeks. Its functions are very powerful. Maybe everyone recommends it. The reason for this, but for me who have not done email marketing before, I need a simple payment, and the most important thing is to be able to issue the order immediately. After all, I found that shopify’s email marketing app costs are not low. I installed omnisend shopify by mistake. 

omnisend shopify

 As shown in the picture, I recovered the omnisend package fee during the omnisend trial period. I remember that the omnisend price was as low as 60 US dollars per month. It was a big risky investment for my unprofitable shopify store. After I set the default automation template of omnisend, I immediately issued an order, which was more than $60 investment. I think the automatic email marketing function of omnisend is the most powerful function of omnisend, and it is basically the biggest reason why I choose omnisend, because of the setting After that, there is basically no need to make major changes, only the trigger conditions need to be optimized.

Omnisend is the shopify email app with the highest ROI

Many people are scared by omnisend pricing. My initial price is $60 a month. Now my omnisend price has risen to $288.00 per month, as shown in the picture. My prices are based on the number of contacts I have in Omnisend.

Omnisend prices

omnisend prices 

If the order cannot be issued within the omnisend trial period and it is easy to exceed omnisend pricing, I may give up like klaviyo. I believe this is also the biggest selling point of omnisend. Make sure that after installing omnisend shopify, you only need to start the default automatic email marketing template. You can recover the cost. 

Omnisend is the easiest shopify email marketing app

In addition to the shopify email apps with the highest ROI I mentioned above, omnisend is the other most important reason why I choose omnisend. I said that the earliest shopify email marketing application I used was klaviyo, but I was confused by the klaviyo function. I haven't figured out how to use it for several weeks, but omnisend is much simpler. After installing omnisend, it comes with 4 sets of default automation email templates. I just turned it on at the time and didn't do anything. I didn't change anything. I thought of the order after a few hours. 

Omnisend has a very strong function of grabbing customer emails

Another powerful function of omnisend is the function of obtaining customer emails. Not only can I immediately grab the original customer information of my shopify store, but also the customer email of the customer service system Tidio I installed at the time. The customer only I used the e-mail consultation in the customer service system to obtain its resources for subsequent sales. This function is very powerful and expands my customer pool. 

Some suggestions for Omnisend

Now all the email marketing apps installed in shopify stores are omnisend, and omnisend has been used for more than 3 years. So far, I think omnisend is still the shopify email marketing app with the highest ROI, but I still hope to use it. omnisend can be better, some small suggestions. 

Omnisend SMS requires additional payment

I have always regarded omnisend as shopify email marketing app, but omnisend also has SMS marketing function, but it needs to be paid separately. I did not turn it on. As a result, I did not use SMS to notify customers to save customers in the email trigger conditions. Subscribe omnisend shopify  SMS

Of course, because my credit card collection must require customers to use email to checkout at checkout, I don’t really need the SMS marketing function, but for customers who have also turned on the email or mobile phone number checkout function on the checkout page, if the omnisend SMS The marketing function does not need to be paid separately, so it is better. 

How to trigger conditions of Omnisend email automation as many as possible without overlapping

My favorite feature of omnisend is its automatic email marketing function. You only need to set the trigger conditions to automatically send targeted personalized marketing emails. The customer’s conversion rate will be very high. After the settings are set, there is basically no need to manage, just need Follow-up optimization of the email template is enough, but how to cover all customer behaviors in the entire chain from the customer's visit to the website to the customer's checkout to the after-sales service without causing the customer to receive too many repeated emails and get bored, set the cancellation of email subscription, it has always been I want to strengthen, and hope that omnisend can strengthen the automated email marketing trigger template. 

More seamless Omnisend integrations

The current omnisend basically belongs to the system that runs on the back end of shopify, but it would be better if ubiquitous and seamless integration can be realized on the front end of contact with customers. I am not just talking about the forms function of omnisend to collect customer information. Or pop-up mail subscription box function, but a more seamless integration function. 

omnisend workflows

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