Facebook Ads: how to get material inspiration making video advertising materials with high click through rate

 When it comes to Facebook, many people love and hate it. People who love it often find certain tips from this platform, obtain certain traffic and successfully convert it. Once they start, it's called a cool. I hate it because FB's traffic itself is at the top of the funnel. The conversion rate can't be compared with Amazon. After all, people who can enter Amazon have a certain purchase demand. Even so, there are all kinds of annoying operations, such as sealing your FB number, your advertising account, your home page and your BM. In short, it is one word, seal, seal, seal!!! But you can't blame others. The reason why FB has these operations is actually broken by a group of criminals engaged in station group mode. Either the goods are wrong, or they send empty packages, and some don't even deliver goods, resulting in a large number of complaints from users. If you don't rectify it, it will be difficult to tolerate that day.

Importance of FB advertising materials

We all know that with the increasingly mature algorithm and powerful system of FB itself, it can achieve very accurate crowd positioning, which is why even though the advertising cost increases every year, countless businesses still choose to launch on this platform. But in the final analysis, Facebook is essentially a social platform, user interaction is the core, and advertising is only its revenue. FB is also constantly balancing the balance between user experience and advertising. In the past, when advertising competition was not fierce, even if your material was ordinary, it can be transformed normally as long as the crowd positioning was correct, but now, Users are bombarded by all kinds of advertisements every day and become very picky. It's almost swept away. Your advertisement is just a small ant among all living beings in the huge Internet. 

At that time, the importance of your material will be fully reflected. If your product has a wide audience and is not a very vertical crowd, it is really a material fight at this time. Even if you make a high-quality advertisement at the beginning, users will also have advertising fatigue over time, and you still need to make new advertising materials. I can say that the advertising division of FB plays content planning in the back, because there is little difference in advertising strategies. Although different budgets have different playing methods, there will not be too much deviation in the main road. 

Since it's material, why should I talk about video alone? It's very simple, because now the proportion of video will only become larger and larger. All we media platforms are moving towards video. I'm not saying that pictures are useless and pictures will never be eliminated, but the content that pictures can deliver is very limited, Therefore, this article will focus on the production of video materials. 

In addition, when it comes to Facebook advertising, if there are novices who don't know how to advertise, you can see the following article. Of course, the method is not fixed, because Facebook itself is constantly changing, so we still need to test more. 

7 elements of high-quality FB advertising materials

1. Attention

Your first 3-5 seconds must be able to attract the user's attention and make your user at least stop. Once the user slides over your advertisement, you will say goodbye to your advertisement. You can make an attractive cover picture with a headline. This is the official data given by FB: the viewing rate of videos with headlines is 12% higher than that of ordinary videos. Although not very tall, there is no lack of an effective method. 

In addition, copywriting is also very important. For example, you teach others how to build a website. Can you write in the copywriting of the cover picture: how to make a website in 10 minutes? In fact, I have written about copywriting before. 

2. Pain point & benefit

This part is mainly to stimulate users' desire. Can your material reflect the benefits your products or services bring to each other and solve the pain points of each other? Most users don't want to know what your product structure is and how awesome your material is. You've been shouting for a long time over there. My products are made in Germany and precision technology, But most people just watch it. For him, he just wants to know what benefits your product can bring him or what problems it has solved. For example, if you sell a fascia gun, do you think users care more about what material your gun is made of or whether your fascia gun can help him solve the problem of cervical discomfort. 

3. Social approval

Doing business is essentially the relationship between people, and building trust is the beginning of all stories. Many people have experienced shopping disappointment. That's not the case with the Buyer show and the seller show. The app cover is clearly a big beauty, and it's all old aunts who open the app. At this time, if your product has been certified by some authoritative institutions or a well-known third party, you can reflect it in the video. If not, you can put the customer's use feedback or comment on the material. Sometimes when we brush FB, Do you see that foreigners' advertising materials are often used by a user to share the experience of using the product? The purpose of these is to increase trust. 

4. Call to action

Sometimes your copywriting, pictures or videos clearly impress him. He also believes that the products are of good quality. Why do you delay placing an order? Because he doesn't think it's necessary to act now. For example, his credit card exceeded this month and his bank deposit was very small. In short, he always had a reason! This is the hard-earned hard-earned money of others. He must be extra cautious when paying. Sometimes he also struggles with himself. He wants to buy and use it, but he doesn't think it's necessary, so he suffers from Procrastination - forget it, we'd better talk about it in two days! Well, in fact, in two days it means never buying again. It's not his affectation. It's human nature. 

Your task is to let users not hesitate to act immediately! For example, tell the other party that the order will be mailed now, buy 20% off now, or there will be some additional small gifts under the order. Don't feel special low. Your efforts before you don't close the deal are in vain. Of course, if your customer unit price of products is relatively high, or you are a service-oriented enterprise, your transformation starts with collecting lead, such as giving the other party a free ebook. 

5. Video duration

It's said that it's advertising. It must be based on short videos. Just like we usually watch TV, advertising usually lasts for more than 10 seconds, and then highlight the main selling points in various forms. For example, did melatonin always put these advertising words during the new year: "if you don't receive gifts this year, you will receive melatonin" for more than 10 seconds, Did people say what the business composition of melatonin is? No, we can't understand it even if we say it. Usually, the video advertising of FB is controlled within 30 seconds. Of course, this is not dead. Sometimes the advertising performance of long video is very good, but in most cases, the performance of short video is indeed better than that of long video, so we should test more. 

6. FB Background music

Although FB advertising materials are silent by default, users usually turn on the sound when they see the advertisements they are interested in. The information transmitted by music is as important as the copywriting. For example, light and relaxed music can increase people's happiness and purchase impulse. Classical music is more suitable for adding to advertisements prepared for older people, They are more used to shopping in classical and elegant music. Passionate music is more suitable for sports and adventure products. 

7. FB Advertising layout

Different forum sizes are different, which many people will miss. Among FB platform users, 98% of users watch videos by using the vertical screen of mobile phones, so we should give priority to matching the panel standard of mobile terminals in the process of making video advertisements. My suggestion is that when you make the same material, you should make versions of different sizes, and then select and edit the material according to different sections of the advertisement under the advertising group. 

When launching Facebook feed and instagram feed, we recommend that you choose the advertising ratio of 4:5 to display more space in the forum. If it is the story version, we recommend that you choose the size ratio of 9:16 full screen. For other sections, you can use the video ratio of 1:1. 

The above seven elements are summarized by me at present. I believe there will be more factors in it. There is no standard answer for creative work itself, and only continuous updating and iteration according to the times. 

How to get Facebook advertising material source & Inspiration

I believe this should be one of the difficult problems for many small partners. In addition to the existing materials provided by their own companies or factories, where to find the remaining materials and where to get inspiration. Some friends may have read a lot of articles and know the truth, but when they hold the mouse, their brain is empty immediately. Then, in order to avoid this task, they directly talk to the company's video clip and say, "Lao Wang, I need an advertising material, which must be done before Friday. It should be creative and eye-catching." It is estimated that the video clip at this time will start to curse your mother when you hear what you say, and then the relationship is bad: "lying in the slot, where do I know what kind of creativity you want? I can't tell clearly. I know to throw the pot to me, mom. I really want to put your face in the material, which is creative and eye-catching." 

1. Dig FB advertising materials from competitors

Learn from your competitors and surpass them. I believe your competitors will advertise more or less. At the beginning, you really don't know how to do it. You can know the advertisements put on your competitors' fans page through the ad Library in your competitors' fans page, but remember, don't use other people's materials directly, After all, it's a competitor. It's not good to cause legal disputes. 

Get FB advertising materials

2. Dig materials from FB advertising monitoring tools

 I believe everyone who works as an advertising optimizer knows more or less some advertising monitoring tools. I'm not here to tell you to directly copy other people's materials, but more for reference, so that you can have an idea, or you can give screenshots of the materials you need. At present, the following are well-known:

  • adspy 
  • bigspy 
  •  adespresso
  • moat 
  • socialadscout 

3. Dig FB advertising materials from YouTube Videos

You can search YouTube for videos related to your own category. If you see a video with good viewing volume, collect it first. This can be the other party's unpacking evaluation video, popular science video, etc., and then see which part of the other party's video is better and which part of the material is more attractive, If you finally want to use the material made by the other party, you must say the following to the blogger in advance to avoid copyright disputes. 

4. Tiktok video

Tiktok itself TK is a short video platform, which contains a variety of creative UGC content, and what you just need for advertising materials is short video. You can find some videos that are more consistent with what you think in this platform, but remember to tell others in advance that you want to use each other's videos. 

5. Obtain FB advertising materials from social media platform

In addition to the above two video platforms, daily social media platforms include FB, instagram, twitter, snapchat, pinterest and reddit. If your product has strong social attributes, many users are very willing to share on it, that is, UGC content. You can collect some materials on the social media platform by planning a contest. 

The above is my usual channel to obtain material inspiration or material. In fact, to do material creativity is to see and cut more. There are no too many shortcuts. You usually write it down when you see good material. At least you can remember it when you need it later. 

A common tool for FB Advertising & Website

Well, I have explained to you the elements that advertising materials should contain and the source of material creativity. In this part, I will share with you the tools commonly used in advertising materials. In this part, everyone uses different tools, so you can use it as a reference. 

Making FB video ads with canva

Canva: a very convenient and simple online drawing tool. I can't use PS, so I often use this online tool to make all kinds of cover drawings for myself. The key is free 

Making FB video ads with Clipping / PR

Clip / PR: I believe many of you know this. I personally prefer to use clip tools, which are commonly used. They have simple functions, do not eat resources, and also bring various templates 

Making FB video ads with Animoto

Animoto: an online video production tool with free plan and a variety of templates for you to choose from. It's very convenient and easy to use 

Making FB video ads with Invideos

 Invideos: like animoto, it is also an online video production tool. There is also a free plan and a variety of video templates. Sometimes you can switch back and forth with animoto

Making FB video ads with stockvideos.org

stockvideos. Org: video material website. You can preview watermarked videos for free. Even if it costs only $14 a year, there are many high-definition video materials for you to download 

Making FB video ads with videvo.net

videvo. Net: video material website, which is also a variety of free video materials 

Making FB video ads with Bensound

Bensound: there are free background music downloads and paid versions. The music in them has no copyright disputes and can be directly downloaded and used as editing materials 

Making FB video ads with Soundcloud

Soundcloud: like bensound, it is also a music platform, with free version and paid version 


You can download YouTube Videos. Of course, there are many tools to download YouTube Videos. You can directly enter YouTube video download on Google and a bunch of tools will come out 


 Tiktok video download tool, like youtube download tool, try more. If this tool doesn't work, search another one, that is, make Google your secretary

Of course, there are many kinds of tools, which must be far more than these. As long as you find what you think is easy to use, don't be greedy. The essence of tools is to serve you, and don't finally become you to serve tools. 

The above is my sharing this time. I hope it will help you. Because I don't have any cash channels in my current we media and don't want to pay for knowledge for the time being, I really use love to generate electricity. If you think my article is of some value to you, please praise and forward it for me, at least make me feel more comfortable. Really, If some fans hadn't urged me strongly before, I guess I would have given up. 

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