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Before the official content of the article, I hope to give some thoughts to my friends who are doing SEO.

1. An impetuous person cannot do SEO. Because SEO doesn't work so fast, at least not so fast in the short term. However, don't kill it all at once. This can be done. SEO is really a process of cultivating the mind.

The growth of each of us is a slow process, especially before you master the growth method, you will be constantly beaten by the society, gradually find your own growth method, and finally realize your life value. This process is a "cultivation of the mind." the process of.

2. There are many methods of SEO, and each candidate's path is different. Lelinta respects everyone's choice, does not criticize or praise.

However, if you choose a radical (black hat SEO) approach, you have to plan to be punished by Google one day to settle the ledger. He may be late, but he will not be absent.

Many friends choose to make black five products in order to rank fast and make quick money, and use some black hat techniques to quickly rise to the top three on Google homepage. In this way, there will be a lot of traffic and orders in the short term, but Easy Come, Easy Go, traffic and orders are coming and going in a hurry. In the end, the bamboo basket is empty.

3. Everything can be "SEO". Life is a process of continuous SEO, improving your exposure and traffic to the public, improving your ranking at work, improving your quality of life, etc.

Google SEO is to improve the ranking of keywords and websites in Google and other search engines. The SEO of our life is to deepen our impression of friends, relatives, companies, and colleagues, so that when others need help, they can quickly find us.

After speaking to friends who are doing SEO, after some thoughts, we enter today's theme: Brand Independent Station Cold Start-Google SEO.

Before introducing Google SEO, what is Google SEO? Has Google SEO determined the correct method of operation?

Google SEO is to rank on Google to improve the website's traffic and ranking on Google. In the same way, Baidu SEO is to rank on Baidu to improve the website's traffic and ranking on Baidu.

We can look at Wikipedia’s introduction to SEO. SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization (English: search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO). It is a way to adjust the website by understanding the operating rules of search engines and improve the target website The way to rank in search engines.

Many studies have found that search engine users often only pay attention to the first few items in the search results, so many websites hope to influence the ranking of search engines through various forms, so that their websites can have excellent search rankings. .

There are many SEO operation ideas and techniques, such as white hat SEO, black hat SEO, gray hat SEO, etc. Lelinta mainly introduces the practice of white hat SEO to everyone.

Summarize the practice of white hat SEO in one sentence: on-site SEO + off-site SEO + continuous high-quality content output

Do a good job in website SEO (OnPageSEO), regularly update high-quality content (product or blog content), build high-quality external links (high-quality relevance GuestPost, high-quality news source links, etc.), and continue to drain the site (GoogleAdwords, SNS, Industry forums, Q&A platforms).

This method persists for more than half a year, and most websites will get a good ranking in Google (most foreign trade stations are actually low to medium difficulty). Unless it is extremely difficult, under normal circumstances, you can harvest a lot of traffic.

SEO strategy points: 2 basic points, 3 power sources


Keyword mining, selection and layout must be done well

SEO in the site must be done well, and the site has no size problems

Power source

Update regularly (the faster the frequency, the better) high-quality content (articles and products)

High-quality correlation external chain construction (must be high-quality correlation)

Drain traffic for the website (the simplest adwords, Facebook ads, second forums, Q&A platforms, etc.)

Next we enter the basic point

1-keywords part

Keyword mining tool & keyword layout explanation

Keyword Discovery Tool—Google Keyword Planner

The key to discovering keywords is to find synonyms, synonyms, and long-tail words of the core words.

Use tools to find the keywords you want as much as possible.

Tools include:, Ahrefs, Google KeywordPlanner (Google Keyword Planner), Semrush, Ubersuggest, etc.

4 keyword tools recommended by Google SEO

A brief explanation of the use of the keyword tool: Take leddisplay as an example. (Find synonyms, synonyms and long-tail words)

Keyword dimension analysis

Usually we judge that keywords have several dimensions: monthly search volume, difficulty of SEO competition, price per click on advertisement, etc.

Generally, the monthly search volume of keywords cannot be too small, such as 50 times a month. If your industry is very partial, you can only drop it. The monthly search volume of keywords of 500-3000 is quite suitable for on-site SEO.

The difficulty of keyword SEO competition is generally not too high. It is not bad at around 20-30. The difficulty of the keyword is generally proportional to the keyword search volume. The greater the search volume, the greater the difficulty.

The keyword per click price of an ad is directly related to Google ads. The cost of a single ad click is too high, for example, more than $6. We don't recommend placing Google ads because the cost is too high.

According to the probability that 50 clicks will convert 1 inquiry, your inquiry cost will be 300 US dollars. This cost is still quite large, because the conversion of an inquiry into an order still requires a relatively long process.

Keyword dimension analysis

We take the keyword LEDDisplay LED display as an example. This keyword has 22,000 monthly searches on Google, and the price per click is $1.95. The degree of competition for this term is 1, which is difficult to rank.

We use the Google keyword planning master, he will recommend leddisplay manufacturer, the keyword LED display manufacturer.

This term has 480 monthly searches on Google, the price per click is $2.92, and the degree of competition for this term is 0.9.

Through the data comparison, you will find that the keyword search volume of led display manufacturer, LED display manufacturer is much less than that of LEDDisplay LED display, but the price of a single ad click is more than one dollar more expensive. Why?

Because the keyword "manufacturer" is more precise, buyers in Google are looking for LED display manufacturers, not individual LED displays.

Keyword optimization analysis

We filter the leddisplay keyword table downloaded from the Google Keyword Planner, and we can find that the word leddisplay manufacturer has a lot more number and search volume than the word leddisplay supplier, while the word leddisplay factory has no search volume.

Then add some manufacturer words leddisplay manufacture in the about us section of the website, for example, XXX company is one of the largest manufactures of led displays and led screens in China and is engaged in the design, production, wholesale and retail distribution of products for the led display market.

This sentence has passed that XXX is one of the largest LED display manufacturers in China, and the company's business covers the design, production, wholesale and retail of LED displays. Not only did Google keyword optimization, but also mentioned the company's positioning and service categories in place, giving customers a professional impression.

LED Display

Keyword Optimization Screening

In the same way, we can also add some manufacturer words such as ledsupplier in the product details page introduction of the website. When introducing the product features, it is enough to pass it inadvertently.

It is not necessary to forcibly add keywords, as the customer's reading experience is not good.

You can also add some manufacturer words to the blog news page, which can greatly improve the ranking of your website in Google.

Next we enter the basic point 2-SEO part of the site

On-site SEO elements that the website must meet

How to deal with One-Page SEO

Simple explanation of ONe-PAGE SEO

1. Site title, description, H1 label

2. The density of keywords, LSI keywords and TF-IDF keywords implantation

3. Copywriting of the page

4. Internal chain within the site and external chain derived

5. 301, 404 abnormal link detection

6. Searcher intention analysis

7. Single page speed test

8. Link building strategy

One Page SEO---site title, description, H1 tags

If our website is, we want to create an one page seo blog main page, we can do so. First make sure that the main keyword is one page seo, and secondly make sure that the URL is

Confirm again that the title is one page, and then write a description (15 things you need to know about one page seo for 2020), and the H1 tag can also be 15 things you need to know about one page seo for 2020.

Secondly, we need to prepare some sub-keywords (Supporting Page Keywords), which are used as the support of the main keyword one page seo. They are:

What is one page and off page SEO? Monthly search volume is 40, competition is 0.01;

one page seo checklist 2019 monthly searches 170, competition 0.07;

one page seo steps monthly search volume is 320, competition degree is 0.1;

one page seo techniques monthly search volume is 1600, competition degree is 0.08;

We can find that the URLs of these top-ranked websites are relatively short, and many have the keyword one page seo, which further shows that the URL needs to be optimized when one page seo is optimized.

As we further in-depth research, we will find that the search intent of one page seo is guide, tips, these operation guides, so for the guide, tips type of operation guide blog, we can learn from the skyscraper Dafa and put us one page seo. Go up the page.

Because most of the one page seo blog posts in 2019 are currently on the market, the most are 11 guides. We have made 15 guides for the upcoming 2020. By then, the blog will definitely rank very high.

PS: (Skyscraper techniqu e skyscraper Dafa was invented by backlinko founder brain dean, and it was written on his blog with a link to his blog.

For information on how to use Skyscraper Dafa, you can check it out if you need it) (

After talking about One Page SEO---site title, description, and H1 tags, let’s enter:

One-Page SEO keyword density, LSI keywords and TF-IDF keyword implantation

Before the GooglePanda algorithm was updated, the greater the keyword density, the greater the chance of ranking in the top.

8 algorithm systems updated by Google

At that time, many SEOers filled spam pages with a large number of keywords, and the rankings could quickly get ahead. Many websites used this method to deceive Google.

Google subsequently updated the Panda algorithm and is committed to combating low-quality spam pages, so that the era of spammy websites filling keywords with good rankings is gone.

Google will still analyze the keyword density, but the keyword dimension adds LSI keywords. Keyword density can use Surfer to check single page data and view keyword density suggestions given by Surfer. The keyword percentage argument is no longer popular now.

LSI is the abbreviation of LatentSemantic Indexing. LSI keywords refer to keywords that are semantically related to primary keywords.

LSI keywords can lift the restriction on keyword density on a web page. Before the keyword density exceeds a certain level, the website will be punished by Google.

Now that we can use LSI keywords, we can safely add closely related keywords.

Because the Google algorithm is already very smart after the update, he will understand the content of our page, using LSI keywords, the same page, the main keywords and many related keywords will be ranked. So we need to use LSI keywords.

Like LSI keywords, TF-IDF, keywords are also conducive to improving single page rankings. TF-IDF is the abbreviation of termsfrequency-inverse document frequency (term frequency-inverse document frequency), which is a common use for information retrieval and text mining Weighting technique.

The higher the occurrence of TF-IDF keywords in this article, the higher the importance of this keyword for this article.

For example, we mentioned 15 things you need to know about on page seofor 2020 in this article. If we only use the keyword onpage seo with a high density, it is easy to be punished by Google.

But if we add LSITF-IDF keywords: onpage seochecklist, on page seotechniques, on page seosteps, the more such keywords, the higher the ranking of the main page

The introduction of On-Page SEO keyword density, LSI keywords and TF-IDF keyword implantation is finished

We next introduce:

One-Page SEO page copywriting

Points to note in copywriting:

1. Copywriting reflects professionalism, check more information

2. Learn from the copywriting content of colleagues and learn the advantages

3. If it is not necessary, avoid using big and long words, such as near without proximity

4. Use more short sentences + short paragraphs

5. Write in colloquial form

6. Test the copywriting readability (benchmarkreadability) Use HemingwayApp to test the score, 5-6 points are OK

7. You can consider outsourcing. List the outline of the article before outsourcing, and find a foreigner to write it on the relevant platform

 Surferseo is a tool that can analyze the data of the top 50 websites, including the number of words in the article content, the number and density of keywords, and tips for optimization of image alt attributes.

PS: This one can be tried for seven days for 1 USD, and it will be OK after opening a dual-currency credit card. Jack tried it himself.

The Surferseo experiment found that the content of the top 50 pages is about 1000 words. We can roughly refer to the index of 1000 words.

For grammar errors in the copywriting, you can use the grammarly tool to check. If you are using genuine office software, you can install the grammarly plug-in in the word document, check the grammar error directly in the word document, and then put it on the website.

For the usage of grammarly, please refer to my previous article: 10 browser plug-ins that foreign trader must have, how many have you used?

After talking about the copywriting of the On-Page SEO page, let's move on to the optimization part of the website.

In fact, there is no trick to website internal chain optimization, which is to link the webpages related to LSI keywords to a main page, for example, the main page is

We can make several sub-pages below,, -seo-off-page-seo, in this way, the weight can be concentrated on the page

Regarding exporting external links, we can learn from the authoritative external links, such as We can say that we have borrowed from this article by braindean and gave him a do-follow link. , This will also increase our weight.

PS: For exporting external links, we actually recommend good professional websites to our readers, so that readers can access more information and help readers understand a certain point of knowledge, such as Jack’s Google SEO.

After talking about the optimization of the internal chain of the website, we will then enter the On-Page SEO 301, 404 abnormal link detection

301 redirects, also known as permanent redirects, are server-side redirects that can be handled by search engine spiders.

The 404 error is the page returned when the user enters the wrong link. It means that the webpage that the link points to does not exist, that is, the URL of the original webpage of the website is invalid.

The abnormal link detection of websites 301 and 404 can be detected using screamingfrog, an SEO tool. By viewing the Inlink page, find out the 301, 404 problems existing on the website, and then correct them.

Ahrefs can also be used as a tool. After all, Ahrefs is currently the most powerful tool on the planet.

One-Page SEO searcher intention analysis

The search intent is related to the reason why we conduct a particular search.

Why should we search? What answers do we need for searching?

Do we want to search for a specific website? Or, do we search because we want to buy something?

For example, when we search for how to do on page seo on Google, it shows that we need informational materials, which may be YouTube videos or blogs.

When we search led display manufacture, it indicates that we want to find the manufacturer of the LED display, etc.

With the advancement of technology, Google is increasingly able to determine people's search intent. Google wants to rank the pages that fit the search term and the intent of a particular search query the highest.

This is why it is necessary to ensure that our posts or pages match the audience’s search intent.

Through LSI and TF-IDF keyword analysis, we can find keywords and URLs that meet the searchers' intent, and organize them into Excel tables, and later create high-quality copywriting that meets the searchers' intent.

One-Page SEO single page speed test

For single-page speed test, it is recommended to use googlespeed test to test the desktop and mobile terminals separately. The higher the score, the better, the higher the score indicates the faster the internet speed and the lower the bounce rate. Enter the single-page URL and check the speed score.

We use the googlespeed insight tool to analyze the access speed of the mobile phone and desktop of the website, so that we can gain insight into the opening speed of the peer's website.

Let's take this Shopify website as an example:lelinta googlespeed test

One-Page SEO link building strategy

When the website was first launched, we could build pillowlink first without any external links. Pillowlink contains:

Web2.0 external chain (blog sites like;

Press Release Press release external chain (suitable for B2B);

Directory site external link;

Citation external chain (suitable for B2C);

After the website has a certain basic external link, we can build some Authority Link,

APL (Authority Privacy Link) privacy weight is transferred to the external chain.

If you want to understand the types of external links and construction strategies, you can read my previous article: Layout of external links to improve your website ranking-Introduction to 3 types of external links

PBN (Private Blog Networks) external chain, it is not recommended to buy cheap PBN external chain in Fiverr (many black hat SEO will use a lot of PBN external chain).

Guest Post (guest blog) link, you need to go outreach to contact the other webmaster, it takes time and effort, but the effect is very good.

One-Page SEO involves 6 tools introduction

KWfinder: keyword search popularity, keyword competition, actual page traffic brought by ranking

Surfer SEO: Single page data diagnosis, how many keywords need to be added

SEOability: Check the keyword density tool of webpage LSI and TF-IDF

Google PageSpeedinsight: Check single page speed tool

Excel: Used to collect and organize keywords

Screamingfrog: Find 301/404 errors on a single page

I have written more than 5,500 words unknowingly. This article mainly introduces Google SEO--One Page SEO. I will update Google SEO--High Quality Content Update next time I have time.

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