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How does Shopify seo? What items should Shopify optimize? The ahrefs site audit tool is a very good SEO guide. It will tell you which specific items to optimize the shopify store, what are the problems with the current shopify website, and after the problem is repaired, it means that the ahrefs site audit Health Score reaches 90 points or more. There is no problem with website technology SEO, the rest is content quality and external chain quality

ahrefs site audit

Recently, the well-known SEO tool ahrefs launched a free site audit tool. I immediately passed my website through the Google Search Console binding test. A week later, I received the report email from ahrefs site audit. I opened it and it scared me. Jump, my website ahrefs site audit Health Score is only 31 points, as shown in the figure below.

ahrefs site audit Overview

shopify SEO list

Many people do shopify seo and don’t know where to start or which items to optimize. In fact, to fix the problems given by ahrefs site audit and improve Health Score is to do shopify seo technically. The color red to green represents the severity of the error. Just follow its prompts to fix it. It will take some time to crawl the data and update my score. I will post screenshots in this article. The following is my detailed operation process.

Links URL optimization

As a well-known SEO tool, I think the most powerful function of ahrefs is that its link crawling analysis function includes internal and external links. Therefore, using its analysis function, you can optimize the links of the shopify website and fix the problems it suggests.

Page has links to broken page

I am very surprised that ahrefs' powerful internal link checking function can find out which link errors are internal or external URLs returning one of the 4xx or 5xx HTTP response codes. The website has just been made, and there is a link in the article. The change was discovered by ahrefs without timely update. Broken links create unnecessary "dead ends" for the search engine crawlers and can waste your crawl budget. The solution is to update the link. This error is marked with a red severity level.

Redirected page has no incoming internal links

The problem is that page of the redirect has no incoming internal links. How to fix? edit the links on the referring pages so that they point to the destination pages directly.

Page has links to redirect

As a new website, there are actually 281 links with orange warning prompts for redirection. Many external links on this site are identified as 301 and 302, and nofollow tags are added to prevent the outbound weight from being scattered. How to fix redirecting URLs? The solution is to manually review the external redirecting URLs linked from your site to make sure that the destination URL has relevant content.

Page has only one dofollow incoming internal link

Although it is a blue reminder that the notification page has only one "dofollow" internal link. It means that the number of internal links is also an important SEO point. The number of internal links pointing to a page is a signal to search engines about the relative importance of that page .Besides, their anchor text helps search engines to understand the context better. The fix is to Make sure the most important pages on your website have at least a few internal "dofollow" links.


Try to determine the link url when you enter the content as much as possible, and be sure not to change it. I just didn’t think about the URL for the first time and then change it, resulting in an orange warning.

3XX redirect

the URLs that return one of the 3xx (Redirection) HTTP status, edit the links on these pages so that they point to the destination page directly. This way you will avoid the unnecessary redirection.

HTTP to HTTPS redirect

http redirect to https. For shopify website, there is no way to set the domain name binding. It needs to be modified technically. I will write an article about shopify technology seo later to solve the HTTP to HTTPS redirect problem.

On page seo

This part is mainly about the optimization of page meta tags, including optimization of Meta description, title, h1 tags, etc. In the past, I wrote about detailed operations of on page seo to solve this part of SEO more comprehensively.

Meta description tag seo

The main problems are Meta description tag missing or empty, Meta description too long, Meta description too short. The number of characters involved here is not standard. The number of characters recommended by shopify is generally longer than the number of characters recommended by ahrefs. In view of SEO only, ahrefs More authoritative than shopify, so the number of characters is calculated as suggested by ahresfs.

on page Title seo

The problem is Title too short or Title too long, the title length is between 50 and 70 characters (max 600 pixels) suggested by ahrefs.

on page H1 tags seo

Generally, there is only one h1 tag on a page, but most of the problems with one or less h1 tags are related to the shopify theme code. This website uses the most free shopify dropship theme used by dropshiper, but the theme code is still somewhat To modify, the extra or missing h1 tag on the product page is one of them.For example, the following code on the product page subject of this site causes multiple h1 tags:

<h1 class="product-single__title {% if section.settings.product_title_size %}product-title-big {% endif %}" itemprop="name">
{% if template != "product" %}
<a {% unless section_onboarding %} href="{{ product.url }}?variant={{ }}"{% endunless %}>
{% endif %}
{% unless section_onboarding %}
{{ product.title }}
{% else %}
{{ title }}
{% endunless %}
{% if template != "product" %}
{% endif %}

Social tags

Other SEO tutorials did not mention Social tags, but ahrefs also regards it as an indicator of SEO, which shows that it attaches importance to social links. The four required Open Graph tags for every page are og:title, og:type, og:image, and og:url.For shopify Social tags, set social sharing pictures in the online store preferences. For those without pictures Call this image on the product or blog post page. It would be better if every post or product page has Social tags.

shopify Multilingual SEO

This website has a shopify multi-language app installed. It is very important for the setting of Hreflang, otherwise it will cause the same Localization 3 red error prompts on this website:Missing reciprocal hreflang (no return-tag),Hreflang to non-canonical,Self-reference hreflang annotation missing,Not all pages from hreflang group were crawled, and will also cause content duplication. Other languages such as Spanish content and English will cause Google not to be included or even punished.

Shopify Performance speed increase

Although this website has used the very fast shopify theme, the score displayed by admin/reports/online_store_speed is still only 60 points. The follow-up will technically improve the opening speed of the shopify website, and the results will be shared with everyone to improve the opening speed of the shopify store Methods and solutions.

shopify Images seo

To compress all uploaded pictures, you can use online picture compression tools such as tinypng, etc., and each picture is named by keywords and ALT attributes are added.

shopify CSS js compression

The orange warning is that CSS file size too large and js file compression, but to prevent the compression of CSS and JS from causing website garbled errors, this belongs to technical SEO. Each specific shopify store has different ways to compress CSS/JS files.

External pages seo

Including the warning prompt is External 3XX redirect and External 4XX link problem.use direct links to the destination pages where possible.

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