How to Add Table of content to shopify blog page

Add Table of content to shopify blog page

How to Add Table of content to shopify blog page? The content of a table is a good way to make a position or page scannable. It doesn't matter whether the post is long or short. On the PLAK theme 2.4 +, it's very easy to add one. All you need to do is to enable the catalog with a single click, and then automatically generate the feature on all articles.

The importance of shopping on page SEO directory navigation

When doing on page SEO in the shop of shop using PLAK theme, we have been looking for ways to make blog visitors easier and more attractive, and at the same time, we are SEO friendly to put your articles at the top of the search engine.

The function of attracting readers

The directory that can be displayed under the title of a blog post is one of the tools that can help you improve the scannability of your post. This is necessary for longer articles, but even shorter articles can benefit from it.

Readers can easily switch directories, click the title, and then go directly to its paragraph, so that readers can easily see the topic of the article.Table of content display effect on shopif blog page

SEO benefits: jump links

The second advantage of catalogues is that they jump straight lines. You can see these links before the meta description below the search results, which allow you to view each part of the page from within SERP and click directly to the relevant part. 

Directory adds an ID attribute to each header and automatically populates the directory with these attributes. Now, Google and other search engines can use these anchors to display them in a search. 

How does the Table of content work?

This function automatically presents the directory of the current page and considers all headers (H2, H3 H6) and hierarchy. Whenever you change text, the content block table is automatically updated. 

How to enable and customize Table of content?

First download and install a play theme, such as the Fastest Shopify Theme Grass

Fastest Shopify Theme Grass
Then you can refer to the following video and click directly from the theme editor to enable / disable the directory:

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