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    7 No-code Website Builders

    Can you build your own website without code? The answer is yes. Here are seven codeless website builders that can build their own websites without understanding any code technology. With them, you can:

    • Buliding a one-page personal site;
    • Quickly putting together a landing page to validate an idea;
    • Building the website for your business;
    • Buliding a marketing blog for your business;
    • Creating marketplaces, online communities, resource directories, internal dashboards.

    1: Webflow website builder

    Simply the most powerful no-code website builder on the planet. The reason why we put webflow website builder in the first place is that webflow website builder is the most widely used and powerful Nocode website builder. It can basically drag and drop various types of websites, including e-commerce websites. It is the first choice for people who do not understand the code to build their own websites.

    Webflow website builder

    • Build anything you can imagine.
    • Start with UI kits and templates.
    • Has a bit of a learning curve though.
    • No free plan, starts at $16/mo.

    2: Unicorn Platform

    Unicorn Platform is a landing page builder for startups. With blog function, you can integrate stripe checkout accept payments, 100% no code, drag & drop landing page builder.

     Unicorn Platform

    • A simple drag-n-drop UI.
    • Seamless integration with Stripe.
    • Supports blogging.
    • Free plan available, then starts at $8/mo.

    3: Umso

    Umso Website Builder is The fastest way for startups. According to your use case automatically generate a unique website, avoid common template, visual editing does not need coding, own blog, email capture, website analysis.


    • Auto-generate unique websites based on your usecase (eg. signups for a mobile app)
    • Supports blogging.
    • Free plan available, then starts at $29/mo.

    4: carrd website Simple, free, fully responsive one-page sites for pretty much anything. It is suitable for personal websites, login pages for collecting mailing lists, and building more complex websites through integration such as stripe, PayPal, gumload, typeform, etc

    • The best one-page website builder.
    • Dozens of templates to help you build your personal portfolio today.
    • Free plan available, host 3 websites for only $9/year.

    5: Dorik

    Dorik uses more than 130 ready-made UI components and beautiful templates to build a responsive website without writing any code.


    • Powerful customizability in a easy-to-use UI.
    • 130+ UI components & 13 templates to build your website quickly.
    • Free plan available, host 2 websites for $36/year.

    6: Softr

    Softr creates an app or website based on airtable. The free package includes the integration of zapier, Google Analytics, stripe, hotjar, MailChimp, etc. in the user-defined domain. It can enable the one-time purchase or subscription collection function, and drag and drop to build its own projects like building blocks.


    • Used to build client portals, internal tools, marketplaces, resource directories or online communities.
    • Supports authentication & user management.
    • Uses Airtable as a database.
    • Free plan available, starts at $24/mo.

    7: Versoly

    Versoly uses pre built blocks, templates and CMS to build landing pages, built on the latest technologies such as Amazon Web services, so it has the fastest page speed, built-in SEO and social networking, collects e-mail lists of potential customers, converts visitors into paid customers, and helps you build a convertible SaaS website. 


    • Perfect for building conversion-focused and fast websites.
    • UI blocks to help you build beautiful websites without a designer.
    • Free plan available, starts at $19/mo.

    Quick recap:

    7 great no-code website builders: 

    • 1. Webflow website builder The first choice of the most powerful no code website builder.
    • 2. Unicorn Platform
    • 3. Umso
    • 4. Carrd
    • 5. Dorik  A large number of ready-made beautiful templates Let you build website without code
    • 6. Softr The only free plan has custom domain, Let you own domain name website for free!
    • 7. Versoly It is especially suitable for building a convertible SaaS website.

    Go build your first website today! 


    My dream is to live in countryside but be able to work remotely for world's big companies through Internet, or even not work, Internet allows me to achieve this ideal,thanks great Internet!

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