5 commonly used affiliate marketing tools for DTC store

As we mentioned earlier, DTC stores can cooperate with the third-party affiliate network to carry out affiliate marketing and promote rapid traffic by recruiting affiliate resources of the platform. However, many DTC stores have no brand accumulation at the initial stage of startup, and it is difficult to meet the standard of accessing the affiliate platform. Even forced access cannot achieve the desired effect.

Is affiliate marketing only suitable for mature big brands? In fact, it is not. The promotion forms selected by brands in different stages are different. As a DTC brand, social networking and netizens are an indispensable carrier for marketing. In the early stage of accumulating word-of-mouth, brands can find some netizens that are consistent with the brand image, Even ordinary people want to carry out the ambassador program, establish a sharing fission reward system, guide website users to do social fission program, or encourage online celebrities to produce original content through Commission distribution. These are variants of affiliate marketing, A complete system is needed to distribute promotion materials, track promotion effects and feed back promotion rewards. Therefore, some special affiliate marketing plug-ins have been bred and become an important part of the whole DTC brand marketing.

1、 What is affiliate marketing tool?

Affiliate tracking software is actually a SaaS tool, or app in Shopify's system. It is simpler and more convenient by separating some basic functions of the traditional affiliate platform, such as material, report, tracking, finance and other basic functions, The client side of the affiliate only needs to obtain a tracking link (invitation code) to promote it. The merchant side only needs to install the plug-in on the website to start it without code and complex technical access. 

2、 What are the types and differences of affiliate marketing tools?

1. apps of affiliate platform

Because the affiliate platform needs to add code pixel on the website, it is relatively complex for self built stations and needs the support of it who understands the code. However, with the application of standardized site building tools such as Shopify, many affiliate platforms have also launched their apps in Shopify's app stores, such as ShareASale, awin, impact and so on 

2. affiliate tracking tools

This SaaS tool function that specifically provides affiliate simple tracking for e-commerce basically does not provide affiliate resources, such as goaffpro, reference and so on 

Difference: the affiliate platform plug-in is only a part of code access, and the system function is complex. Most cooperation still needs to go through business contracts. At the same time, the affiliate platform provides resource support and a full set of affiliate marketing services. The affiliate tracking plug-in is just a simple tracking tool. Merchants can directly pay online to activate the plug-in, A simple in house program can be built to support the customer acquisition forms such as brand ambassador, online marketing and social fission. The plug-in itself does not provide resources. 

3、 Common affiliate marketing tools


Goaffpro is an affiliate marketing tracking tool specializing in e-commerce. It was launched in 2019. It is an Indian company 


Goaffpro price:

  • Free version: suitable for orders less than 100 orders per day, with only basic functions;
  • Advanced version: it is suitable for orders higher than 100 orders per day and $24 / month. You can customize the merchant affiliate page and alliance guest login page (you can customize the domain name), send emails in batches, and support S2S return;
  • Enterprise customized version: $199 / month + 1.9% commission on sales, based on the advanced version + separate account manager + telephone support

Goaffpro integrate:

Shopify,Bigcommerce,Woocommerce,Magento,WIX etc; 

Goaffpro Reviews:

Shopify app store has 1483 reviews, with 4.8 points. 


Founded in May 2019, a special affiliate marketing tracking tool for Shopify's website developed by secomapp team, Vietnam company 


UpPromote price:

  • Free version: limited to 200 orders per month (including approval and rejection);
  • Advanced version: it is suitable for orders higher than 100 orders per day and $24 / month. You can customize the merchant affiliate page and affiliate guest login page (you can customize the domain name), send emails in batches, and support S2S return;
  • Growth version: US $21.99/month, with a limit of 300 orders per month (including approval and rejection). You can communicate with affiliate resources through on-site letter;
  • Expert version: $69.99/month, with a limit of 600 orders per month (including approval and rejection), batch generation of coupons, and paypal payment access;
  • Enterprise version: $139.99/month, unlimited number of orders per month, multiple stores

UpPromote integrate:


UpPromote Reviews:

Shopify app store has 1424 reviews, with 4.9 points 

UpPromote Characteristic points:

There is a marketplace on the website, which can show the offers of merchants to affiliate customers and attract some affiliate resources to join


Founded in 2018, revolution is an American company that specializes in helping online e-commerce do affiliate and referral tracking tools 


Refersion price:

  • Professional version: $89 / month, 130 conversions per month, which can support the tracking of links, discount codes, SKUs and mailboxes;
  • Enterprise version: gradient set Commission, gift card attribution, new and old customers set Commission respectively, API function, you can pay according to the effect, and contact business at the price;
  • Enterprise enhanced version: Based on the enterprise version, it supports the setting of automatic payment, resource support of large affiliate platform, and price contact business

Refersion integrate:


Refersion Reviews:

 Shopify app store has 884 reviews, with 4.7 points

Refersion Characteristic points:

Revolution also has its own marketplace, which can give businesses additional exposure and obtain more affiliate resources 


Founded in 2015, the Dutch company specializes in affiliate marketing, online marketing and social fission tracking tools 


Tapfiliate price:

  • Professional version: 89 USD / month, support League grouping Commission, set Commission according to SKU category, automation (support zapier tool), traffic limit of 200000, 1000 League customers per month;
  • Advanced version: 149 US dollars / month. You can customize the domain name, limit the traffic to 500000, and 10000 affiliate customers;
  • Enterprise enhanced version: support the joint login of social platforms, no traffic restrictions, no restrictions on affiliate customers, and special account manager support

Refersion integrate:

Shopify,Bigcommerce,Magento,Woocommerce,Lightspeed,Custom Website 

Refersion Reviews:

There is no app on Shopify, the score is unknown, and the website traffic is 380K / month 

Refersion features:

Tapfiliate was acquired by the old affiliate platform admitad, which supports a 14 day free trial 


Founded in 2014, it specializes in e-commerce affiliate plug-in tracking tools 


Affiliatly price:

  • Primary version: $16 / month, no more than 50 affiliate resources
  • Advanced version: $24 / month, no more than 200 affiliate customers
  • Professional version: $39 / month, no more than 500 affiliate customers
  • Professional version: $59 / month, no more than 1000 affiliate customers
  • Professional version: $79 / month, no more than 2500 affiliate customers
  • Professional version: $129 / month, unlimited number of affiliate customers

Affiliatly integrate:

Shopify,Bigcommerce,Magento,Woocommerce,3Dcart,Custom Website 

Affiliatly Reviews:

There is no app on Shopify, and the website traffic is 370k / month 

Affiliatly features:

90 day free trial is supported. There is no app on Shopify 

4、 What are the factors to consider when choosing affiliate marketing tools?

From the perspective of word-of-mouth and user usage, the above five are the affiliate tracking tools commonly used by buyers of most brand independent stations. They all look similar. How to choose their own affiliate marketing tools , we can mainly consider the following points. 

1. Budget

 affiliate tools are basically a marketing tool. Most of the tools in foreign countries are paid for use. Of course, there are free trials. If you have a limited budget or just want to try, you can choose the affiliate plug-ins with free trials. If you have a large budget, you can basically choose the higher-level version with more functions, At least support domain names that can customize the affiliate page.

2. Function

You can focus on the functions you care about. For example, if you want to set commissions according to SKU and category differences, or if you need to support coupon tracking, choose the package that supports this function in the affiliate tool. 

3. Resources

Although the affiliate tools do not provide resources, due to the fierce competition in this industry, some tools also have their own marketplace functions. Merchants' affiliate projects can be displayed in it. In fact, they can also get a wave of exposure and traffic. 

affiliate marketing is a marketing concept rather than a simple marketing channel, just as fast fashion is a business model and slow fashion is a consumption concept 

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