DTC brand website attracts traffic from Forbes CNN media through affiliate marketing

DTC brand website wants to use Forbes CNN media to attract traffic, and affiliate marketing will help you.

The status of DTC brand website content marketing 

Regardless of whether it is an independent website or a third-party platform such as Amazon, the off-site promotion and drainage are nothing more than two ways, hard marketing and soft marketing. There is no difference between the two marketing methods, but the choice of different companies at different stages.

Hard to promote advertising represented by Google and Facebook (also including many programmatic advertising platforms), thanks to the development of digital advertising technology, based on programmatic purchasing methods, so that the granularity of advertising can be accurate to people The dimensions of each advertisement are not media, but based on the tagged crowd portrait behind the media.

The benefits are obvious, with high delivery efficiency and quick results. Generally, when you open an account, you can go to the advertising backend to buy the amount. You can see the effect almost the next day after the advertisement is online, and you can optimize based on the data. As long as the ROI can be positive, the business can achieve sustainable development. This is why everyone in the market likes to buy on large advertising platforms for advertising. The threshold is too low, and the efficiency is high. They like to do short and fast business, and they are supported by capital and need to meet quickly in the short term. To the effect, companies generally spend most of their early budgets. Disadvantages will actually occur naturally, because the barriers to participation are low, as most players enter, and the mode of programmatic advertising is almost always a bidding mode, the higher the price will cause the traffic to rise with the tide, because everyone sells products They are all similar, so the users who grabbed them are actually the same. It depends on who can afford it. In the end, it turns out that the advertising effect is getting worse and the ROI is getting lower and lower. With the closing of the advertisement, the traffic also stopped.

So everyone wants to do soft marketing to dig out this less competitive gold mine and gain traffic and users. But Ruanguang put it plainly is to package the product into good content and provide it to readers, through content marketing, let users complete the conversion during the process of viewing the content, and the content is generally persistent, as long as the content is not deleted, on the Internet There will always be potential users to attract in. Common content marketing channels in the industry include social media, communities, forums, influencers, Affiliate, PR, etc. There are also many carriers, such as posts, infographics, pictures, videos, audio, e-books, webinars, Live broadcast, discount coupons, etc. The communication platforms are the familiar Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, news media, various types of forums, and a large number of blog sites.Content marketing

 The advantage of soft marketing lies in its long-term sustainability and relatively low cost. In fact, these two points are mutual. Good products or content have their own communication attributes. For example, big-name new product releases will always be spontaneously spread by many media. If the content of the article is written particularly well, it will even be reproduced through multiple channels to form a fission effect. Because the content of the article is effective for a long time and brings certain brand exposure and new users, short-term Even if the payment is long-term, the cost will be shared equally. Another reason for the relatively low cost is that there are different ways of quoting resources. Some even provide free content promotion for you as long as you send the product, and the price/performance ratio is much higher than advertising.

 Everyone knows that content marketing is good and the return on investment is high, why there are still few people doing it. It must be mentioned that its disadvantage is that the threshold is relatively high. Why do you say that? Content marketing is generally divided into PGC and UGC. First of all, it is difficult to create high-quality content (PGC), especially localized content. For example, if your native language is Chinese, you may not be able to write excellent compositions. So most high-quality content has to rely on UGC, that is, let others create it for you. The essence of finding online celebrity cooperation is the content of UGC for brands. With high-quality content (such as good products), we also need to expose and spread, and we must have high-quality channels. In the market, we will spread content through online celebrity marketing and affiliate marketing. Since resources are uncontrollable (different from the delivery logic, as long as you bid, you can buy traffic is actively controllable), this is a resource BD method, and it takes a long time to accumulate and negotiate for good resources (you see If you can be worthy of others, others may not be worthy of you), which means that the time is long and the effect is slow. So in summary, the promotion threshold is high, so there are still a few who stand independently to go overseas to really vigorously promote content marketing.

 Is there a way of promotion that can double as content marketing?

2. The feasibility of content marketing through affiliate promotion 

 Many articles in the previous article actually talked about the operation process of affiliate marketing. Simply put, advertisers use a part of the profit to make incentives to attract appropriate and relevant traffic channels to help you promote, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win. mode. Advertisers sell goods with the help of the audience of affiliates, and affiliates obtain traffic monetization by promoting advertisers’ products. When the content of affiliates is realized, they will continue to output more high-quality content to meet the needs of readers. In fact, it is a process that benefits three parties.

Compared with letting small and medium-sized bloggers help us promote, more brand advertisers still hope that they can do some brand promotion on some large news media websites. In our impression, only the form of PR can be achieved through the mode of sending news articles. It may be possible, and the press release has more partial product announcements. If you can bring goods, it would be more ideal. The alliance upgraded this marketing method to partnership marketing, and this resource is collectively referred to as Mass Media Publishers 

1. What is Mass Media 

Mass Media is actually the traditional offline newspaper media that has evolved into online and offline under the Internet model. Common names for such media companies include Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, Newsweek Vox Media, Wirecutter, Newsweek, NBC Universal , It also includes previous offline magazine media, such as Hearst Magazines Group. Mass Media

 Why these media are willing to monetize through affiliate marketing? This is to mention the revenue pressure that content media faces on the Internet. After all, they are all companies and need to make profits. There are actually many ways to make profits for content media. The following is a brief introduction to Mass Several common ways of realizing Media, you know whether it is feasible


It's a bit like online novels or paid reading methods, divided into several types 

  •  Hard paywalls (no free, full content payment)
  •  Metered paywalls (a short section of the article is free to watch before payment)
  • Hybird paywall (hybrid payment model, free to read a few articles, you need to pay for more information) 
  •  Vertical paywall (vertical payment, some columns are free, some columns are paid)
  • Geo-location paywalls (paid based on geographic location) free for users in certain areas 
  • Digital&print bunding (offline paper printing and online digital bundled consumption)

Subscriptions (subscriptions and memberships) 

1.Corporate subscriptions (company subscription) ADVERTISING (advertising) Display ads are generally sold through programmatic advertising. Large news media groups generally have specialized advertising agencies for unified sales to meet the exposure needs of large advertisers. The volume is relatively large. Generally, the CPT method is given priority to buy out. Because the volume of small and medium media is not large enough, some will become specialized Advertising alliances or outsourced to small agents for sales. Access native advertising platforms such as Outbrain for content recommendation 

 Brand and content article sponsorship (Native advertising, branded content, and sponsored posts)

Join Google adsense to realize the cash, and the advertising side corresponds to the google display network, which is the GDN advertising that everyone often calls 

E-commerce (E-COMMERCE) 

    • Selling printed publications 
    • online shop 

By cooperating with some website building tools, establish your own e-commerce mall to sell online courses, co-branded models, subscription members, etc.

    • Affiliate sales and link (affiliate commission link) 

Most of them are evaluation stations. For example, the New York Times spent 30 million US dollars to purchase the evaluation station.

 3. What can Mass Meida news media bring to brand advertising?

 When thinking about what big media can help advertisers do, we need to know what we can provide them. First of all, we need to make it clear that the news media is willing to cooperate with you in two ways:

1. Rub traffic 

For certain brand awareness, for example, many Anker overseas news media are willing to help them write content to reduce the traffic of their brand awareness, just like an article if it is a well-known brand, the click rate of the article will be much higher, if the article is evaluated with goods , The conversion rate and traffic will also be high, and the benefits will be considerable. (If your brand is not well-known, you still have to work hard, it may be passed in the short term). 

For small brands, if you do not have an advantage in brand awareness, the promotion on it is essentially to rub media traffic. How to be appreciated by editors can only fight for products; if your product itself has personality and creativity , Or with its own topic, the shopping section of these news media may still be willing to write for you, because the product keywords of this article can bring a certain amount of SEO traffic, which they call organic content. 

2. The higher the price 

Talking about money doesn’t hurt feelings. The big media’s willingness to help you promote products actually depends on money. If your commission is high enough and you have a certain budget for additional exposure activities, the possibility of cooperation will increase many times. If you are lucky, the big content media will help you promote your articles. First of all, it is a high-quality external chain that can endorse your brand's trust and let consumers dispel their doubts when shopping. Because the news media itself has a relatively high degree of control over the quality of content. They edit professional processes in product selection, category, release, and unboxing to produce high-quality content. If the article is released, it will bring a lot of exposure to the brand and bring new high-quality customers to the website. 

4, Mass Meida news media combined with affiliate marketing common exposure forms 

 1.coupon coupon page

Build a coupon discount page through its own research and development or cooperation with a third-party tool (GSV) to meet most readers' demands for coupon shopping Case CNN's coupon page https://coupons.cnn.com/ 

2. Shop evaluation and shopping guide section 

This kind of product is usually selected by a dedicated editorial team, content creation, the title is generally the most worth buying XX, case: Forbes shopping page https://www.forbes.com/shopping 

 5. Alliance and cooperation strategy of Mass Meida news media

    1. At the commission level, exclusive commissions (exclusive or Tiers) or mixed commission models (low commission + booth) can be achieved 
    2. Booth fee (if it is a simple article, the exposure may not be high, the other party will recommend the purchase of a paid booth)
  • Single Article Deals: Pay per article
  • Multi-Article Deals: Pay for multiple articles
  • Content Syndication: Payment for multi-channel content distribution
  • Newsletters: email marketing
  • Gift Guides: Free gifts (readers)
  • Social Boosting: social media diversion 
    1. Connect with the editorial team of Mass Meida News Media
  •  Provide exclusive discount coupons
  • Free sample delivery
    1.  It is very important to understand the business role and find the right matchmaker. The general matchmaker for Mass Meida news media will include:
  • Day-to-day contact(s)-Daily contact, no decision-making power. Affiliate is more of the media side Affiliate Manager.
  • Senior contacts-Responsible for a special section, with certain decision-making power, such as Commerce Merchant Manager, VP of Commerce.
  • Editors-content editor, responsible for ensuring content quality. 

Final summary 

Affiliate marketing only provides a way to talk about cooperation with these big media. The real success of the cooperation depends on many factors, among which the product is the most critical, especially when you are a small brand, if you want to improve cooperation Probability of success: 

  • Polish your product well, let your product have personality and writeable topics
  • Properly spend money on PR product promotion and internet celebrity marketing, accumulate users and word of mouth, and shop the market
  • On the basis of establishing alliance cooperation, if there is a certain budget, the success rate of campaign cooperation will be much higher.



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