2020 Best Domain Registrar

I prefer namesilo over other top registrars. They have great prices and super easy to use. It’s the registrar that I personally use and always recommend.

But in case namesilo isn’t the best option for you, I’ve reviewed it along with six solid contenders based on years of experience. Over the course of my career starting, running, and selling businesses, I’ve bought hundreds of domain names. I’ll walk you through what makes the best domain registrars stand out from the rest, plus a few I would not recommend, how to skip the upsells you don’t need, and how to get your features up correctly.

Read on to learn more about each of my top picks for the best domain registrars of 2020.

Top 2 Best Domain Registrars Ranked

  1. NameSilo — Cheaper than Namecheap and super-easy bulk purchase process.
  2. Bluehost — Best option for getting a free domain name when you buy web hosting.

Get cheapest Domain Registrar


  • Outdated site and aesthetic
  • Really cheap — cheaper than Namecheap
  • Free privacy protection
  • Bulk domain discount program
  •  Visit NameSilo

At first glance NameSilo is laughable, especially compared to its competition. Its aesthetic seems to be late 90s PowerPoint — although a new site is thankfully in beta testing. I suspect this is in large part due to NameSilo being acquired in early 2018 by software company Brision Innovations.

NameSilo’s comically outdated site isn’t stalling growth.

What I appreciate about NameSilo

It’s a domain registrar and that’s it.

It’s really cheap (even cheaper than Namecheap), throws in domain privacy for free (though you’ll need to opt-in by selecting it in your cart), and offers a full-blown discount program for bulk domain purchases.

There are virtually no upsells and you can start configuring your domain in checkout — linking it to a third-party service (like a website builder) and entering custom NameServers.

Customer support is also comparable, with a rich knowledge base and 24/7 live chat.

So, if you don’t mind some (hopefully temporarily) outdated interfaces, NameSilo is a great option.

NameSilo checkout screen when purchasing a domain name

You can start configuring your domain name during NameSilo’s checkout flow. Don’t forget to opt-in to WHOIS privacy protection.

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