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    Tema Parallax Shopify

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    Parallax theme is a unique scrolling style of Shopify. Using full parallax to scroll images, slides and videos to create visual effects, parallax shopify themes developed by out of the sandbox and themeforest is the best

    parallax shopify theme features:

    The parallax scrolling effect enhances the brand's style, and the home page's selection section also provides two style options: list style (great for menu items!) And traditional image grid style.

    • Parallax effect: When scrolling down the page, create animation depth effect;
    • Hero Video: Tell your story by playing full screen video at the top of the home page, multiple home videos ;
    • Sticky navigation: When scrolling down, fix the menu at the top of the page;
    • The large image is optimized Display brand image through high resolution photography;
    • Product scaling: When customers hover over the image, they can view the product more carefully;
    • Product screening: Allow customers to select products by type and sort them by best seller and price on the collection page;
    • Slide out shopping cart: Customers can easily add it to the shopping cart without leaving the current page;
    • Special page template use: Configurable content and unique layout to customize product and information pages;
    • Fast store: Allows customers to quickly view product details and add them to the shopping cart without leaving the current page;
    • Slogan: Promote your latest sales, promotions or discounts at the top of the page;
    • Customer recommendation: Promote your products by sharing customer comments and quotations;
    • Google Maps: Allow customers to view and get the route to your store location through Google Maps;
    • Designed for visual narrative: Display brand image through high resolution photography.

    parallax shopify theme demo

    Out of the sandbox's parallax shopify theme has four styles demo addresses: Aspen, Madrid, Vienna, Los Angeles; themeforest's parallax shopify theme has three models: high fashion responsive shopping theme - paraax, parallax shopping theme - Fashion planet, parallax shopping theme - wood furniture decoration, which can be demonstrated free of charge.

    parallax shopify theme free download

    Join our lelinta community and download parallax shopify theme for free!

    parallax shopify theme review

    outofthesandbox parallax shopify theme are 223 reviews in the official theme market of Shopify, 97% of which are positive. The sales volume of parallax Shopify theme of themeforest is also very high, with 438 reviews.

    parallax shopify theme support

    When you have completed the purchase, your topic will be provided as a zip file. If the error prompt of parallax shopify theme nulled appears, it is due to the authorization problem. For other customized settings or development of parallax shopify theme, you can also contact us to provide a complete customized installation package.

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