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Today's article comes from Lucia, a tiktok student in lelinta community. It's about how to use tiktok and INS to monetize. It's really good. I want to share it with you. I hope you like it.

Hello everyone, I'm a trainee who participated in the tiktok creator training of lelinta community and officially entered e-commerce, from 0 to 1. Thank you very much, Mr. lelinta.

Let's get down to business.

Today, I'd like to share with you how I successfully cashed in the tiktok + ins + Shopify store from 0 to 1.

01. Preparation and operation of tiktok account

Before making a tiktok account, what preparations should be made:

1. Tiktok Hardware equipment

No, there are all the courses issued by the lelinta community, and there will be no big problems in the general according to the tutorial;

2. Define the content direction and goal of tiktok account

Because I do tiktok to drain and realize the drainage of my shop, the videos I look for are related to products and are relatively niche.

3. Tiktok account training

This is very important. After registering your account, swipe the video for you first. After many videos of the same purpose appear for you, you can start to upload your own videos.

During this period, you can brush the large account on tiktok more, see their pop-up video, understand the user's preferences, and then go for the video purposefully.

There are still differences in user preferences between countries. On the one hand, you need to refer to large-scale video, on the other hand, you need to practice and verify it yourself.

After these three aspects are ready, we can start to connect the video.

At the beginning, I would send four videos every day, because I am targeting at American users, so the time of uploading videos is generally after 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. in China. My first popular video failed to link to the website in time, resulting in missing the first wave of cash opportunities.

After the traffic of the first popular video dropped, I began to connect with new videos, looking forward to the second outbreak. After uploading videos for several days, occasionally one or two videos improved, but none of them broke out. The number of fans increased by less than 10000 every day.

Later, after listening to the tiktok training course in lelinta community, I began to analyze the data. As long as I saw signs of video explosion, but it didn't happen in the end, I would find similar materials and videos to connect with.

The sign of an outbreak is that after the release of your video, basically one day, the number of watching this video has been increasing, reaching hundreds of thousands of times. It's also good to like it. There are more comments about this thing.

Ask you, for example, what is this? What products do you use? What is the product name? Where can I buy it, etc. It's not one person asking, but a group of people asking, which means that your product has a market.

02 attract tiktok visits

So what I do next is:

1. go to the express to find the same or similar products and import them to the website, and put them on the homepage of the website, so that users can see the video related products as soon as they enter the website, and improve the conversion rate;

2. Direct comments Let the user check my bio and search xxxx (this represents your product number) to guide the user to the website; For example, there is a customer comment: where did u get this/ How can I find this product? You can reply: Hi, please check my bio and search XXXX

3. tiktok or Kwai can search for the same or similar products.

Later, with this popular video, I created the first popular product of my website. Later, I continued to add videos of similar products, and the effect of each video was pretty good.

So far, the main product is still that one. Every time there is a fire video, I will import the same product into the website, and put it in the most prominent position on the front page, thus increasing a lot of sales.

To sum up

1. Test before tiktok video

Before you don't know what tiktok video users like, you can connect the video constantly. When you find the point users like, you can start to enlarge it.

Be sure to watch your tiktok video data and get to know your users through reviews. Now that your ultimate goal is monetization, go to know your users' preferences and adjust the corresponding website products.

2. Reply to tiktok comments

To tell you the truth, I didn't reply to the previous comments. I just looked at them. I saw that there were small partners sharing them. If I reply to the comments more often, it will have a positive effect on the outbreak of the video, so I began to reply selectively. For those comments that have received more replies, I just like one, and then I will reply to some technical questions that I can answer. For some users who ask where they can buy, I choose to reply with more likes or the latest one, because I think more replies will cause users' disgust, and I'm afraid of being limited. Of course, you can also use the trumpet to reply to the link directly.

3. Don't relax

A video explosion can not represent your traffic can last forever. After testing the points users like, I will upload videos every day with the principle of 3/1, 3 videos that cater to users' likes, 1 exploration video, and then I will go back and forth until we find out the new points that users like.

In addition, during this period, actually also took a lot of detours. For example:

1. Due to the setting of my website ship to country, I missed some orders. When I entered the global traffic pool for the second time, there was a wave of German traffic entering the website, but because I didn't set up the delivery to Germany, there were a lot of abandoned orders.

2. When I first launched the products, they were relatively single products, so the customer unit price was very low. Later, I found some package products for bundling sales, and the unit price increased.

After the popularity of popular videos drops, there will still be traffic into the website every day, but the conversion is relatively small. At that time, there was a rumor that tiktok would be banned in the United States, so they began to think of ways to transfer their fans. My approach is to do giveaway activities on INS, and then go to tiktok for publicity and drainage, so as to accumulate the first batch of INS fans.

Tiktok, I still upload videos every day, but considering its instability and low conversion rate, I began to focus on INS. Using instagram shoot out strategy, I quickly accumulated my first batch of 10000 fans in 15 days.

What is ins shoutout?

For example, accounts a and B are trying to find their followers.

Account a sends the content of account B (because instagram has no forwarding function, account a should download the content of account B before sending it). In the picture overview, it is mentioned that this content belongs to account B, and its fans should pay attention to account B. This kind of operation method is called shoutout.

The shop out itself is actually an advertisement. Through shoutout, more people can see you. You can do shoutout with accounts with a fan base. You can also pay for a large size for shoutout.

Shoutout can be divided into the following five types:

1. S4S (shoutout for shoutout)

This is also called share for share, which means that a and B forward each other's content, and both sides display each other's content in front of new audiences, so as to obtain more exposure and coverage, and achieve a win-win situation.

2. Free product shoutout

That is to say, free products are sent to red people, and then they are asked to publish ins and shoot outFree product shoutout

3. Word-of-mouth shoutout

That is: when someone is very satisfied with your product, they will publish it on instagram and tell others! This is the best kind of shoutout. Because you don't have to do anything for them to get free publicity. Word-of-mouth shoutout

4. Affiliate marketing shoutout

This kind of shoutout is like a contract between "wanghong" and the brand. Internet celebrities will post on the brand and add their own member links to the home page. In this way, the brand can keep up with the sales brought by shoutout, and the Internet celebrity will get a commission from each sale! For example, Mvmt watch launched the brand ambassador program. 

5. Paid shoutout:

As the name suggests, you have to pay for shoutout. After all, many times, accounts with a lot more fans will not give you shoutout for free. 

And I chose the fifth one, spending money on shoutout.

 First of all, I will search the relevant account number through the tag on INS. If you are a jewelry maker, you will find the relevant marketing numbers of jewelry, beauty, manicure, and wear, and then screen them. Generally, you don't need to consider the million powder, but you can charge at least $100 at a time, and the account number between 100000 powder and 500000 powder is OK. The more fans, the higher the charge.

I usually look for 200000-600000 fans of marketing number, the charge is about $30 - $80, mainly depends on the quality of the account, including fans interaction rate, post relevance and so on. Of course, you can also use some online Red platforms to find accounts. As for the content of shoutout, I suggest choosing the popular video on tiktok. 

In addition to adding fans, shoutout also has the advantage of expanding the influence of your account. My total number of shouts is no more than 10, but the impact is very big. 

Because every shot will increase one exposure, and many marketing numbers are actually related to each other. If your video quality is good and attractive, some big marketing numbers will automatically shoot out your video and pay attention to your account. Once there are new attractive videos, they will automatically shoot out and increase the exposure of your account. 

I should be the lucky one. After several times of paying shoutout, I was followed by some megaphones. I quoted my videos from time to time, so my account increased quickly. With a fan base, promotion will not be a problem. Every video or picture will be tagged out of the products. If users are interested, they can directly click into the website to buy, which is very convenient. I feel that this is also the reason why the ins conversion rate is relatively high. Instead of tiktok, you need to go to the website through the home page link, and then look for products one by one. 

04 summary

Finally, to sum up, first of all, basic fans are very important. You can quickly accumulate your first group of fans through tiktok, which requires you to update the video every day, find out what users like, get to know users, and at the same time, prepare and perfect your independent station and put it on tiktok. 

When your tiktok has enough fans, such as more than 200000, you can do giveaway activities from time to time to guide fans to social platforms such as ins or YouTube. From the current experience, the conversion rate of other social platforms is higher than tiktok. 

If you choose ins as your traffic source platform, you can use the shoutout strategy to quickly increase the powder and expand the influence, so as to improve the conversion rate of the website. 

At present, I mainly use social platforms to channel cash. Facebook advertising is still under research. At present, I also spend a lot of time on INS. I hope there will be greater breakthroughs in the future. Let's work together 💪 


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