Shopify must installed apps

Shopify must installed apps

Which shopify apps must be installed? To be precise, what shopify apps must be installed at different stages of the shopify store to maximize profitability?shopify reviews app and shopify customer service app must be installed in the website startup phase; promotional applications necessary for the shopify website to expand traffic and sales, such as shopify bundled apps that increase customer unit prices, shopify email marketing apps, social promotion apps, etc.; the third phase increases customer repurchase rates and shopify Loyalty member points app, shopify referral app, etc.

0. shopify Supply dropshipping apps:

If you are self-delivered, you don’t need to install it. If you do a dropshipping, you need to use the supply shopify dropshipping app. I use the shopify app that combines domestic and foreign sources. This is both cheap Chinese sourcing shopify app such as dropified, and European and American sourcing dropshipping apps such as Spocket, wholesale2b, and stores that combine fast-arrival products to exert the greatest brand effect.

1. shopify Reviews app:

Reviews or Comment is a must for shopify. Amazon also needs someone to comment. One of the advantages of self-built website is that you can create your own Reviews. The most used shopify Reviews app with waterfall pictures Loox, Ryviu as for why The most popular is probably the reason why pinterest has become a big platform;

2. shopify Email marketing apps:

Email marketing is basically a necessary app for shopify stores, because the traffic from emails has the highest conversion rate. The shopify app has finally formed three major email marketing apps through the verification of thousands of shopify stores, each with its own characteristics , One is the "omnisend" email marketing app, which is very simple and easy to use. The strongest is to automatically grab shopify store customer information and also grab customer service system email information, etc.; The most powerful shopify email marketing app may be more complicated because of the most powerful function, but klaviyo is the most powerful after being proficient; the third is the privy Council email marketing plug-in, the most powerful place is the function of collecting customer emails ; There is also mailchimp, which is the famous monkey icon, which can use 2,000 members for free.These 4 models have been verified, just choose one of them; don’t choose the partial one;

3. Customer Service System:

The best "Tidio Customer Service System" has a very powerful robot customer service function. Because doing foreign trade has time difference, I use this customer service to automatically reply to customer service inquiries after work and get the customer's email address. Speaking of email marketing, you don’t need to hire a customer service for the night shift; the other two instant chat customer service systems are Olark and Chatra. The three customer service systems of Serco are the most used by shopify;

4. shopify Abandoned checkout app

: the most powerful is the "accumulate" app, this is the most powerful in all aspects, not one;

5. shopify Logistics apps:

The most used logistics app is the shipyard. The default order function of shopify does not have the function of modifying the order by the customer. For example, if the customer buys the wrong size for my clothes, he can modify it by himself. In that case, it can be part of the logistics. Notify customers of the logistics status, which can also do some product sales;

6. Shopify Multi-language app:

If you want to build a multi-language self-built station, you need to install a multi-language app gtranslate, Weglot automatic translation realizes multi-language; multi-currency automatically matches the corresponding currency plug-in according to the customer's access address, such as Secomapp .

The above apps are essential app for any shopify store, as well as app that must be installed in the first stage. When a big order comes out, I certainly don’t stop here. I mostly install shopify app that promote sales and increase conversion rates. Otherwise, the shopify app store has thousands of plug-ins, and I only install shopify app that have a direct effect on making money;

7. shopify One-page checkout app:

Shopify replaces checkout. Generally, the shop does not have the right to modify, resulting in high abandonment rate. At this time, you can use the shopify one-page checkout app to change the payment in one step to greatly increase the conversion rate. In addition, the checkout page shopify Thank you page app can also be modified and used, this is real money;

8. Shopify Promotional apps:

Promotions are the core after the flow of traffic. Basic marketing routines are still necessary. Increase the customer unit price. For example, buy several discounted shopify wholesale app, bundled and packaged sales apps, shopify discount app, and shopify upsell app. And cross-selling plug-ins, and even implement shopify product DIY app for customer products, which can greatly increase the elite level of DIY aindividualization to the product;

9. Leverage the power apps:

How to expand the traffic without increasing the advertising budget, you can use the recommended shopify ref candy app, let the netizens help you promote, enlarge the flow, the credit and conversion rate of the circle of acquaintances and friends High; you can also use shopify affiliate marketing apps to leverage performance marketing plug-ins such as secomapp, ​​Shoutout, Leaddyno, and affiliatly territories. Anyway, you don’t have to pay if you don’t issue an order, which is almost zero cost compared to advertising.

10. Shopify VIP Member points apps:

When you have tens of thousands of customers in your shopify customer backend, it is very important to rate customers and increase the customer repurchase rate. After all, the cost is lower than that of new customers. At this time, member management points The shopify app must be installed; the most used integral shopify member app is the smile integral plug-in.

11. shopify Landing page apps:

Needless to say, there are already landing pages for ads, but no matter what theme you use, there are more or less restrictions. To break the restrictions of the theme, it will become beautiful and high conversion rate. app, the most powerful one is the landing page Shogun app, and the Black Friday theme page also relies on it;

12. Shopify Social promotion apps:

The above are all operators on the site. In addition to search traffic, social traffic is also a major channel for off-site promotion. You can also use the social management app "shopmessage"  app to manage multiple social platforms in one stop. Significantly improve the efficiency of posting, and at the same time can do some special Giveaways activity app;

The above are the shopify apps I have made and installed in 3 shopify stores. Although it is not a success now, I will not lose the apps if I build the store later. After all, the above shopify apps have been verified.

In addition, there are few free shopify themes except the 10 sets of free themes provided on the official shopify market. The first free shopify theme on the market is debutify.Also the theme installed on my website With the most professional e-commerce blog system matcha.


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