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Oribi Analytics

Oribi is like having an analytics and data employee in your business, 24 hours a day. Instead of serving data, it serves you insights and answers about your users.

Oribi was designed to not only save hundreds of hours gathering and analyzing data from websites, but also make smarter decisions from that data.Companies like Sony, Audi, Sky, and small and big digital agencies already take advantage of Oribi.

Join them! And start making more money out of your data.

oribi vs google analytics

Google Analytics is powerful and widely used, but it takes a lot of time and technical level to analyze it. Oribi is basically suitable for all people, including non professional website statistical analysts, who can get the correct data from the website and turn it into wise business decisions. 

Comparison item


Google Analytics

Activity establishment and tracking
Oribi automatically tracks all content.
Oribi is designed for people who want to be data driven without spending a lot of time and money. All content on your website is automatically tracked, unlimited, and you do not need to do anything. You can spend more time understanding the behavior of visitors and optimizing the transformation.
Google Analytics needs to do some work.
You need technical support and developers. If you want to track events, you must define them manually, and the site changes in your GA account also need to be updated.
Viable insights and raw data
Oribi is for everyone.
Our focus is to improve your results. Oribi highlights the areas that need your attention. It can translate your data into a viable insight and help you focus on what is really important.
Google Analytics is developed for experts.
To get workable data, you need a lot of technical support, an understanding of what to look for and what questions to ask, and an understanding of GA reports.
Personal visitor data
Oribi allows you to focus on every step of your visitors.
With oribi, you can visit individual visitors to follow each step of their experience, understand specific behaviors in the channel or attribution, and identify potential customers through their email addresses.
Google Analytics limits your access.
With Google Analytics, your access to individual visitors will be limited. You will only see pages that someone has visited.
With oribi, you can create any path you like.
With oribi's channels, you can build any path you want to find. You can include any event or transformation target in the channel to build the channel across domains and filter for specific segments.
Google Analytics has limited channels.
Channel is an important part of optimizing website to realize more transformation. In Google Analytics, you can only select page access as the channel step. Each button a visitor clicks leaves multiple blind spots.
Marketing attribution
Oribi can provide you with the full attribution of all events.
In most cases, your customer has several touchpoints before the transition. With oribi, you can ultimately identify and evaluate all the touchpoints involved in any event that visitors perform on your site, whether defined or not.
Google Analytics shows limited attribution.
By default, Google Analytics uses the last touch attribution model. It is due to the last channel that the customer uses before the conversion, which is very misleading when the customer uses multiple channels. Different models apply only to predefined events.
Event correlation
Available, and super easy to create in oribi.
Oribi's relevance helps you evaluate anything and understand how different events affect your transformation. Now you can easily answer the toughest questions, such as "are visitors who watched videos on my home page more likely to sign up?"
Amazing, customizable and auto generated.
Oribi's report is built for you, it's second generated, beautifully designed, easy to share, and can be completely customized to make it look like your own report.
Basic standardized reports.
Google Analytics has standardized very basic reports. You can only include a limited number of indicators, and channels cannot be part of the report. Another way is to create your own reports, which can take hours and often create a lot of frustration.
24 / 7 support
At oribi, you have your personal conversion experts.
You'll get a conversion expert who can answer your questions and show you some clever techniques and techniques to optimize your conversion.

Oribi alternative to Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics is gone? This is better!Here’s why Oribi is waaaay better than Facebook Analytics:  

  • Everything is tracked automatically on your website. You don’t have to create any events or talk to a developer.
  • You can finally identify and evaluate all touchpoints involved in any event a visitor performed on your site, whether it was defined or not.
  • Funnels are being built in seconds. You can include any event or conversion goal as a step in your funnel, build funnels across domains, and filter for specific segments.
  • Beautifully designed, easily shareable auto-generated reports. And you can customize them so they’ll look like your own report.
  • eCommerce analytics version.

oribi analytics review

Google Analytics is good, but it's limited and confusing. If you're frustrated with Google Analytics, at least try oribi. It's a little easier to set up, but more importantly, the data is richer and more user-friendly. The trends and insights you'll get are worth the 24 hours it takes you to get data from the site. If you are engaged in e-commerce, marketing or marketing agency, there are many functions in oribi that can help you get real value and action points from website analysis.

oribi pricing

Oribi's sales price is based on business website, ecommerce shop and marketing agency. According to the visit volume of the website, oribi can be divided into three different visit levels: optimize, grow and scale, and it is paid by year or month. 

oribi.io review of e-commerce store owners

As an e-commerce store administrator, I always want to know what to do with oribi's marketing analysis tool? Want to know who my users are, how they react to my website, and why they don't buy it? After use, the final result is that oribi shows the multi touch conversion analysis from the first contact to the final acquisition. The channel can be built according to the comprehensive views, or according to the button of automatic tracking. 

Oribi competitors

What competitors does oribi have? Now there are more and more website statistical analysis tools. The main oribi competitors are as follows:

  • Google Analytics
  • Heap
  • Mixpanel
  • Smartlook
  • Semrush
  • Amplitude Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Looker

oribi shopify

Oribi has developed an application integrating the SaaS e-commerce website building platform Shopify, which has the highest market share, to analyze the performance of stores more powerfully. The application download and installation link is the key https://apps.shopify.com/oribi .

oribi login

The link to oribi's login address is https://oribi.io/login If it's a Shopify store, just log in directly. 

This oribi review is just the beginning - if you want to check it yourself,
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