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    How to Build Community Online

    Lock in the era makes the creator's economy very hot, and building a paid community is one of the main ways to make profits. How to build community online? Even create communities for free. I'd like to share with you a few community builders. community platform for creators

    Integrated discussion, membership, content and other functions, especially suitable for curriculum community, counseling community, product support community, brand enterprise fan community, communication podcast community, school parents communication community, etc

    Price package: no free package, $39/Mo, $79/Mo and $199/Mo community platform for creators

    free community website builder

    I think the best community website builder at present can be bound to its own domain name with free package, and can be seamlessly built into its app or website.

    Price package: $0/Mo, $85/Mo, $249/Mo

    nocode community website platform podia

    Using podia, you can create your own community website without code. It has powerful functions and integrates online courses, webinars, downloads and members. You don't need to understand code programming.

    Price package: no free version, but you can try it for free, which are $39/Mo and $79/Mo respectively.nocode community website platform podia

    comradery:Free open source community website builder

    Comradery free open source community website builder system, you can completely customize the community platform, but you need to download the source code and upload it to your own server, such as BlueHost. One click installation is very simple, completely free.

    Download address: open source community website builder comradery

    build community app Disciple

    Apart can not only build community websites, but also build community apps, integrate membership, content into brand-based private community platform, sell courses, charge subscription, real-time flow, etc

    Price package: Web version $55/£45 * per month, mobile app version $549/£399 * per month, no free package but free community app Disciple

    In the difficult times of pandemic, more and more people develop their own additional sources of income, and the paid community is a good niche, because almost everything revolves around a community. There are hundreds of communities for various topics, such as Nocode, book writing, press release writing, parenting, building human communities, etc., which can be developed into their own sidelines.

    5 Best Community Builder 2021

    Community Builder Price Features
    Circle $39/mo $79/mo $199/mo discussions, memberships
    Tribe Free $85/mo $249/mo Seamlessly built-in website and app
    Comradery Free open source community code Requires code technology and Bluehost hosting
    Podia $39/mo $79/mo sell online courses, webinars, downloads, memberships
    Disciple $55/£45/mo $549/£399/mo Sell courses,memberships, subscriptions, live stream


    My dream is to live in countryside but be able to work remotely for world's big companies through Internet, or even not work, Internet allows me to achieve this ideal,thanks great Internet!

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