what is clubhouse?

Clubhouse is currently the most popular audio social chat app, especially after being recommended by elon musk, it is even more difficult to find an Clubhouse invite code. 

clubhouse official website

The official website of Clubhouse is, don’t make a mistake. 

clubhouse app download

The clubhouse app currently only has an IOS version, which can be downloaded from the official website, or the latest version of the clubhouse app can be downloaded from the Apple Store.

clubhouse ios download

The clubhouse ios version app download address is 

clubhouse android apk download

up to date! After May 10, 2021, you can download the official Android version of clubhouse on Google Play. The official download address is

Clubhouse does not currently have an Android version, but most people’s phones are of the Android version. How to experience the functions of clubhouse on the Android version? This website provides clubhouse android apk download solutions.

Clubhouse invite code

Another reason for the popularity of clubhouse is to adopt the invitation registration system. The scarcer resources are, the more popular it is. Now the Clubhouse invite code is very popular. This site also provides Clubhouse invite code for sale. Netizens can purchase Clubhouse invite code directly on this site. 

clubhouse tutorial

clubhouse how to play?6 new tools that can help level-up your Clubhouse experience.

  • Direcon for Clubhouse launched today and serves as a moderation platform and audience insight tool.
  • Clubhouse App Invites will help anyone still waiting for an invite to get immediate access.
  • Clubhouse Bio Builder helps your bio standout with access to 70 fonts and easy to use text-editor.
  • Clubhouse Avatar Maker allows you to quickly add colorful rings to your avatar.
  • Clubhouse Bio Generator lets you create an influencer worthy bio with this satirical product.
  • Clubpad brings sound reactions to your show including applause, laughter, crickets and more.

Clubhouse Creator First Accelerator Program

Clubhouse just announced a bold new initiative to inspire better content: the “Creator First” Accelerator Program. Here are the details:

  • Clubhouse will send you gear and help you find good guests. The platform will send you everything from an iPhone to AirPod Pros – whatever it takes to get good content. You’ll also get matched up with relevant talent for potential collaborations.
  • You can get promotional resources, too. Clubhouse says that it’ll offer design services and other promotional avenues to get some traction on your content.
  • Financial support and sponsorships. Creators can make money now, and Clubhouse says it’ll start matching creators with brands for lucrative sponsorship deals.

It’s a pretty cool new initiative: Both for marketers who want to promote products, and for creators who want some extra help (or money). You can apply here, if you’re interested. The applications run until March 31st, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Clubhouse create more initiatives like this in the future.

Crabhouse:Japanese version of clubhouse

The popularity of clubhouse has caused a large number of imitators. Japanese crabhouse is similar to crabhouse application. In just a few weeks, more than 150000 crabhouse applications were downloaded. The operation mode is as follows:

  1. You open the app and join a room full of virtual crabs.
  2. You can click on crabs to get interesting facts about them.
  3. Rinse and repeat, baby.

Clubhouse alternatives Comparisons

The success of Clubhouse has led to the popularity of Live audio, and a large number of giants have entered the audio social field. The following is their latest progress

Reddit Talk

Spotify Greenroom:

Spotify is launching Spotify Greenroom, a new mobile app that allows Spotify users worldwide to join or host live audio rooms, and optionally turn those conversations into podcasts. It’s also announcing a Creator Fund which will help to fuel the new app with more content in the future. The Spotify Greenroom app itself is based on Locker Room’s existing code. In fact, Spotify tells us, current Locker Room users will see their app update to become the rebranded and redesigned Greenroom experience, starting today. To join the new app, Spotify users will sign in with their current Spotify account information. They’ll then be walked through an onboarding experience designed to connect them with their interests

Twitter Spaces:

Now any Twitter account with more than 600 followers can be opened

Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces

Clubhouse vs. Twitter Spaces

Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Facebook Live Audio Room

Facebook’s technical communication manager Alexandru Voica announced today (October 13, 2021) that Facebook Live Audio Room (aka Clubhouse copycat) is online, Who can create live audio rooms now: All verified public figures (if you have a blue checkmark, you 're one of the lucky ones), as well as Facebook Group admins. Yup, if you have a Facebook group, you can now create a live audio room for your members. Users in the U.S. will see an “Audio” tab under the “Facebook Watch” tab. They’ll be able to discover live audio events, podcasts and short-form audio.

Discord Stage Channel

Discord launched "stage discovery", which allows users to view all the current live rooms in the entire application.

How to delete Clubhouse account?

How to leave the clubhouse completely. Unfortunately, when people want to log out, they find that the clubhouse app doesn't offer you the option to log out with one click. The only way to cancel your account is to send an email to clubhouse and ask the other party to delete your account. The official email of delete clubhouse account is


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