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    Twitter Super Follows Latest progress

    Twitter has launched its highly-anticipated Super Follows subscription feature on iOS in the US and Canada. For founders looking to monetize their audiences.

    Twitter Super Follows

    Creators can now use the twitter super follows feature to charge their super fans for exclusive content, subscriber only newsletters, community groups and supporter badges. Twitter announced super follows as early as February, allowing them to earn revenue through content produced on the twitter platform.

    How Twitter Super Follows works

    With Super Follows, creators can set a subscription cost of $3, $5, or $10 per month. Creators can find and interact with their super followers by looking for the super follower badge. Whenever they reply to the creator's tweets, this will be highlighted under the names of their super followers. To become a super follower, click the "super follower" button on your account profile to view products and pricing.

    How to apply Twitter Super Follows

    Founders can still apply to join the super watch waiting list to set up subscriptions. Swipe the sidebar on the timeline of the home page, click "monetization", and then select "super attention". To qualify, you need to have at least 10000 followers, at least 18 years old, and have posted more than 25 tweets in the past 30 days. 

    Twitter is an important distribution channel for independent hackers, and super follows will enhance your ability to earn more revenue through your skills, expertise and attention. 

    Twitter Super Follows examples:

     Use cases: Here are a few examples of creators using Super Follows:

    • Skin care expert Tiara Willis is providing personalized skin care and beauty advice to her super followers.
    • Comedian myesha Chou is telling a behind the scenes story about the University.
    • Sports analyst Josiah Johnson provided his super follows in-depth sports analysis.
    • Astrologer Bronx provides treatment advice and spiritual guidance.

    Do you use super follower? Share in the comments! 

    Twitter other creator economic tools

    Super Follows is one of Twitter’s biggest moves to capitalize on the creator economy, which is now worth more than $50B and encompasses more than 50M people.  In addition to super follows, Twitter has other creator economic tools:

    Twitter newsletter tool Revue

    allow users to offer paid newsletter subscriptions within the app. 

    Twitter Tip Jar

    allows creators to charge their audiences for tickets 

    Twitter Spaces

    Twitter’s Clubhouse clone. 


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