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    How to write email subject lines that get 20% to 30%+ open rates

    Let’s start this post with a not-surprising-at-all fact: The more people open your emails, the more sales you get.

    And one of the important variables of the equation is subject lines. These can be sometimes tricky to create. Because you want to generate as much curiosity and interest as possible. But at the same time, you don’t want to be clickbaity.

    How to write subject lines that get 20% to 30%+ open rates

    The more opens your emails get, the more sales you make. A great subject line can make the difference between $10,000's (or more). Here are 7 types of high-performing subject lines (with examples + tips):

    1) Lists:

    BuzzFeed has made millions of dollars using listicles. However, adding a number to a headline won’t cut it. If you check the BuzzFeed website, you’ll see that it’s not just about a list. They also expand on it, touching an emotional angle.

    “7 marketing tools you need”, for instance, isn’t the best subject line. But “7 marketing tools that will make you feel like you hired a team of 7 VAs” will probably get more opens.

    "3 of our biggest best-sellers";"6 Actionable Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing"

    2) Urgency:

    If you’re sending a sequence promoting a product, one of the emails might leverage urgency in the subject line. This might move the needle of the lazy prospects. But don’t abuse it, and make sure the urgency is real.

    "Last Chance to Get 20% Off Storewide!" "Buy One Get One Free Sale! (4 Hours Left)"

    3) Curiosity:

    Subject lines that open loops in the mind of the reader and push them to read the whole message can make for big sales! Here’s one of the examples that Chase gives: “We have a special offer for you”.

    "We've got something for you..." "Hey, Chase! We have a special offer for you"

    4) Questions:

    Our brains are hard-wired to respond to questions. “Are you prepared for the next iOS14?”

    Examples: "What's next for Facebook Ads in 2021?" "How safe is your retirement fund?"

    5) Discount and offers:

    When your audience is already aware of your products and they just need a final push, being straightforward and including an offer in the subject line will get opens. For better results, combine this with urgency.

    Pro Tip: Combine with urgency for even better results. Examples: "Buy One Get One Free! (Limited Time)" "FLASH SALE! Get 10% Off Storewide (12 Hours Only)"

    6) Personalized:

    Every now and then, you can use the name of the recipient in the subject line. However, do not abuse this practice.

    “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” - Dale Carnegie These help you stand out + grab attention. Examples: "Hey Chase, special offer for you..." "Thought you'd want to see this, Chase!"

    7) Stories:

    Share a transformational story with your audience. Some examples are:

    • Rags to riches
    • A great discovery
    • How someone achieved something epic

    Take them from A to B and make your product the *magical ingredient* that made it possible

    Want more subject line examples?You can download marketing email templates on www.lelinta.com site

    high open rate omnisend emails subject

    Use the above 7 high conversion rate email subject templates to set omnisend’s campaigns and automation email subject, which will greatly improve the order conversion rate of the omnisend email marketing system.

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    Set Omnisend subject line

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