Shopify vs WordPress SEO I strongly recommend WordPress!

Having read the Dropshipping series articles I have done before, you should know that after I used Shopify's website building program, the keyword participation ranking is the same as constipation, with few words. And I found that the common problem of SaaS sites is that the words of new websites are very slow.

A pet website I made was put there after half a year, and only four words came out. The website of lunch box I made before has also been done for 2-3 months, and only one word came out. For a website built with SaaS, it will take more than half a year for the word output rate to become higher.

What is "word out"?

The word means the number of keywords in the top 100 of your website. What is displayed in ahrefs is the number of "organic keywords". The more keywords, the greater the chance that the website can get the ranking.

We follow the same layout as we did on Shopify, and there is no way to do the external chain. In order to be fair, we use a new domain name and layout it again on WordPress:

This is the WordPress e-commerce site that our employees did before. They put it there after finishing. They haven't done much outside the chain for about half a year. Now they have issued several orders.

wordpress ahrefs Included

This is the SaaS website building program done by the domestic imitation Shopify background. I think he has done a lot of external chains, but the amount of words is also very small, which is the same as Shopify.

Why is the effect of Shopify SEO slower than WordPress?

1、Shopify is the same IP address

SaaS site builders have a common problem: the same IP. That is, if your website neighbors have more bad content, it will directly affect your site, especially the new site. After the old site has done a lot of content publicity and external chain, it will be trusted by Google, so this problem will not exist. However, because there are a large number of sites under the same IP, it is difficult and takes time for Google to identify them. 

shopify IP affects SEO 

Although Shopify officially answered the question, I don't think it can solve the problem of users who think of SEO effect in the short term. Because no one will say their products are bad. Only when the website is put for a long time and operated for a long time will there be traffic, but this time is very long. 

2、SaaS site builder SEO settings are limited

In order to reduce the access threshold of users, SaaS modules are basically fixed, and most of the H tags of the page are also written dead. Therefore, if the programmer who develops SaaS does not understand SEO, the program written does not have the function of SEO. This also leads to the slow release of words and ranking of the website. And I think most of the domestic SaaS websites that imitate Shopify also use their code. If you want to add content to the classification page, you also need to add the code independently, which is more troublesome. 


If your site is mainly a vertical station, and you want to do celebrity marketing, FB advertising and Google shopping advertising, and SEO is only used as auxiliary traffic, you don't have to consider so much. Whether it's Shopify or other SaaS platforms are also very useful.

If you want to be a pure SEO e-commerce website and rely on SEO Traffic to make orders, I personally strongly recommend WordPress, which has great advantages not only in SEO performance, but also in monthly rent and commission. However, you must have a server with a fixed proprietary IP address, such as cloudways. Do not buy a shared WordPress host.

Of course, I look at this from the perspective of pure SEO Traffic. If you are a vertical station and rely more on other traffic, it's good to know a little about it. 

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