instagram reels algorithm

instagram reels algorithm

Instead of explaining the specific details of each factor, we decided to analyze all the content in the video and provide four action steps you can take now to improve your scroll coverage:


instagram reels algorithm

Here’s how the Reels algorithm works:

  • Encourage engagement. Instagram decides which Reels to show users based on actions such as liking, commenting, and remixing a Reel.
  • Get people to interact with your profile. Instagram takes into consideration the user’s “history of interacting with the person who posted”. So if someone likes, comments on, or shares one of your Instagram posts or stories, they are more likely to see your Reels organically.
  • Popular = more exposure. When deciding whether or not to show your Reels to other users, Instagram takes your overall popularity into account.
  • Keep track of trends. Instagram has an algorithm that shows users more dog-related Reels if they interact with Reels about dogs, for example. If there is a trend, say, of cute dogs playing, you could include that in your video to increase the likelihood that your Reels will be shown.

instagram Reels is not for politicians: Instagram stated that they do not show Reels about politics, political parties, or government officials. So if you’re in that niche, you might want to look somewhere else (ahem…Twitter?). 

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